5 virtual date ideas to add a spark in your long distance relationship

It’s a peculiar time to be in a relationship, and there will likely always be a need for online dating suggestions. Bumble matches are being quarantined, Zoom happy hours have eliminated the need to ever wear trousers on a date, and the Love Is Blind cast is probably all thinking.

But socially isolated love is still very much alive and well. Virtual dating has quickly established itself as the new standard in an age where we essentially do everything online. Here are 5 original virtual date ideas you may try while keeping up a long-distance relationship, to keep your virtual cocktails from growing boring.


1. Play dinner-delivery roulette

You’d welcome this potential companion over if you could because they already know a lot about you. Swap addresses instead for a surprise takeaway night that also helps a nearby business.

Decide on a delivery time and plan for your favourite regional food to arrive at their home. Whether you share a dish or not, it’s wonderful to watch them open the package and eat your favourite food—and you, theirs.

2. Host trivia night

Do you recall Sporcle, the popular internet quiz site from a few years ago? Prepared for a comeback, we are. You’ll discover a lot about your date if you name all the presidents or candy bars in a short amount of time.

3. Netflix Party and chill

Both your date and I have already binge-watched Tiger King (and if they haven’t, they should go do it right away). Even though you can’t quite cuddle, gather your favourite pillows to simulate the feeling of being tucked in, choose a film, and organise a Netflix Party. This add-on provides live chats and synchronised video viewing so that you can see each other’s reactions in real time.

4. Get sweaty

To make working out at home a breeze, hundreds of fitness instructors are livestreaming their favourite training programmes. Make a date to go to the gym so you can both attend a class and enjoy a little exercise.

305 Fitness offers virtual workouts that will make your heart race for a dance-based workout that feels like a party. Clear the area, turn on the Zoom video line, grab your shiniest 1980s neon and start twerking. Twice daily, their classes are streamed live.

5. The classic dinner and a movie

Because it allows you to get to know each other and quietly enjoy each other’s company, the traditional dinner and movie date is a classic for a reason. During the lockdown, you might have enjoyed a Netflix party with friends or family, but you could also use it on a date. The best part about this is that you may stream a movie or TV show that you and your partner both enjoy.

Start with a surprise meal to add to the fun. This is where you order takeaway for each other instead. Just keep in mind to ask about any dietary limitations your date may have before placing an order for them.