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Short And Ultra Short Buzz Cut Styles

Buzz cuts trim hair to a short, uniform length all over the head using clippers. Buzz haircuts are simple, masculine amount that comes in many variations, from subtle to extreme.

Also called a GI haircut or military cut, the buzz haircut originated with soldiers but remains a popular low-maintenance men’s style today. Here are the cutest buzz cut styles to get guys started.


1. The Classic Buzz Haircut

The classic buzz evenly trims hair to between 1/16 to 3/8 inches long. This leaves a subtle stubble effect.

For a conservative buzz, ask your barber for a #1 or #2 guard length. It will taper hair close without going down to the scalp.

The classic buzz haircut is the original version of this minimalist style. It shears hair to a uniform short length across the entire head.

Opting for longer guard lengths like #2 and #3 on top creates a modest, masculine buzz haircut with just enough texture to style subtly or brush back smoothly.

Clean and conservative, the classic buzz projects a simple, fuss-free look with rugged appeal.

2. Crew Cut

Crew haircuts are buzz haircuts with slightly more length left on top, about 1/2 inch to 1 inch long.

This allows for barely-there lift or casual styling by brushing the slight hair up or down. But it remains minimally maintained.

The crew cut buzzes hair super short on the sides and back with slightly more length on top. This imparts subtle flexibility for lifting or casually sweeping the hair.

Compared to the marine-style high and tight, the crew haircut leaves more length on top for finger styling or a combed part. But the extra length is modest.

Overall, the crew cut achieves buzz-cut simplicity with a touch of texture and flow on top. It straddles conservative, neat, and casual masculine edge.

3. Burr Cut

The burr buzz haircut uses clippers without any guard attached. This shaves hair down to the skin evenly all over.

Burr cuts remove entirely all hair for the ultimate clean look. Stubble and maintenance are eliminated.

Even shorter than classic buzz haircuts, the burr cut shears hair directly to the scalp thanks to clippers without guards.

This achieves the purest clean-cut result. Going down to the skin eliminates even subtle stubble for a smooth head.

For guys who want zero upkeep, the burr cut takes buzzing to the max level of baldness. The exposed scalp projects an edgy gleam.

4. Butch Cut

The butch cut takes burr buzz cuts a step further by shaving the entire head utterly smooth with a razor.

Going clean-shaven all over results in the purest baldness. According to MensHaircuts, butch cuts demand meticulous shaving upkeep.

Shaving the head smooth with a razor rather than clippers makes the sharpest bald cut. Butch cuts result in a billiard ball polished head.

To maintain this cut, men must shave their entire scalp routinely with a razor to prevent even a hint of stubble from surfacing.

The butch cut screams authority, edge, and grit. But it requires the most upkeep to retain the glasslike sheen.

5. Induction Cut

Induction cuts shave the entire head down to the skin but leave short stubble on the top. This creates a subtle contrast.

If you don’t want a fully bald shave, this angling effect minimally breaks up the smooth scalp with faint stubble.

The induction cut buzzes the full head down to the skin yet allows a hint of reduced hair solely on top.

This provides a middle ground between a bald shave and a buzz haircut. The eye is drawn to the subtle top texture versus the uniformly smooth scalp.

Overall, induction cuts add nuance to a bald head with contrast. The top stubble provides a hint of edge.

6. Temple Fade

Temple fades taper the hairline sharply around the temples and sideburns, leaving a buzz haircut on top.

This contouring effect shapes buzz haircuts for a flattering look. It puts the focus on your eyes and face shape.

Carving the hairline around the temples and sideburns enhances buzz haircuts with tidy precision. Temple fades outline the face. This custom fades framing the hairline adds modern barbershop artistry to buzz-cut simplicity.