5 Best family games to play on Diwali eve

Diwali has finally arrived and we are still under pandemic restrictions. In order to make this Diwali fun, here’s a list of 5 best family games to play on Diwali eve

Festivals of light “Diwali” has finally arrived. Like every year, we wait for this festival to arrive so that we can do a lot of fun and spiritual activities with family and friends. Lighting up diyas and lanterns, rangoli, decorating house, dressing up, burning crackers, hoping pandals, watching movies and going out to restaurant and having sweets and delicious food are the activities we  generally used to do every year.But this year it’s going to be very different. It has been almost 9 months of the coronavirus pandemic and lockdown. Since the start of 2020 we have been celebrating every next festival under restrictions to avoid the spread of the virus and with the hope that may the next festival will  not be celebrated under such circumstances. But Diwali is here and we are still under the same condition and threat. Keeping the virus spread in mind, Goverment has banned use of crackers and fireworks this year. Instead we all are asked to celebrate the festival maintaing all norms and measures. In such a situation, we can’t go outside and do much of activities. 

Beside staying at home and enjoying home made delicious food and sweets, one can do many other fun activities with their family. There are so many games to play on Diwali eve to make it memorable and fun. Here’s a list of 5 best family games to play on Diwali eve.



5 best family games to play on Diwali eve



It’s time to relive your childhood with this family game which is nostalgic for many. The games is all about songs and music. Each participant has to sing a song with the begining of Hindi consonant on which the previous contestant’s song selection ended. The number of participants should be equal or more than 2 people.


Pass the pillow

The game is really fun and entertaining. Each participant sits making a round circle. A random music starts to play and they starts to pass the pillow from one to other and this goes on until the music stops. Any person volunteers to play the music without looking at the participants passing the pillows. On the stop of the music, the person holding the pillow has to showcase any talent or activity like dancing, singing or acting. The game is real fun and you must play with your family. The number of participants should be more than 5 or 6.


Scavenger hunt

The game is all about adventure and hunt. The organiser of the game list specific items and the participants are asked to search those items in a particular area without cheating or buying new items in a limited time period. Usually participants work in small teams, although the rules may allow individuals to participate. The number of participants should be more equal or more than 6 participants.


Carrom Board

The game will flood you with old childhood memories when the whole family used to sit together and play the game. This indoor game is nostalgic and fun. It is a strike and pocket game similar to billiards, pools, snooker and shuffleboard. The game has one queen, and black and white pucks and a sticker. Four people can play at a time in teams or individually. This is a popular family game and is widely played across the nation.


Dumb charades

This popular family game will fill you with laughter and fun. The game consists of equal or more than 4 participant. They form groups and and each participant from every group gets a phrase or name of any movie that is to guess by others in their team. The person has to enact any gesture that relates to the guessing word, without speaking any word. They have to explain every word of the phrase in gestures. The group is affiliated with one point if they successfully guesses the word in the given time.