5 best decoration ideas for Diwali 2020 to get festive vibes amidst the pandemic

The most awaited and delightful time of the year has finally arrived. The festival of lights, sweets, and spreading happiness i.e Diwali is knocking on the doors. Amidst this lockdown, it’s difficult to get the festive vibes yet there are number of activities that can cheer up your mood including cooking, dressing up, clicking pictures and spending quality time with family. Decorating your place for Diwali is also one of the most effective ways to cheer up one mood and get festive vibes. 


Here are Top 5 decoration ideas to try this Diwali


 Flowers and Candles Decor

Flowers and Candles are requisite part of Diwali. Arrangement of flowers and Candles in a specific pattern can give a interesting look to your decoration. You can design low centrepiece with brass and place the flowers and floating Candles alternatively.


Colourful Rangoli

You can’t miss on rangoli this Diwali. It’s probably the best part to do in Diwali decoration. Colourful rangoli designed at courtyard or at the door will give a welcoming look.


Evergreen Diyas

Nothing can beat the Indian traditional way of celebrating Diwali and diyas are an indispensable part of it. Also buying diyas from local vendors and poor sellers, you will extend your happiness to them.


Diwali coasters

Incase you are looking for something eye catching in your living room then Diwali themed coasters will be perfect. You can use paints or artificial mirrors to create a look perfect for Diwali.


Hanging lanterns

During Diwali it’s very important that your house not only look good inside but outside too. Decor your balcony and terrace with hanging lanterns with different shapes and patterns.

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