10 Interesting facts about Krishna Janmashthami

Janmashthami is a major Hindu religious festival that marks the birth anniversary of Lord Krishna, one of the most significant incarnation of Lord Vishnu. According to Hindu mythology, Lord Krishna was born on the eighth day of dark fortnight (krishnapaksha) of Bhadrapada month in prison where his parents were incarcerated by his uncle. This festival is celebrated magnificently not only in India but across the globe. There are 10 interesting facts about Krishna Janmashthami.

Let us see what are the 10 interesting facts about Krishna Janmashthami.


1. Janmashthami is celebrated during the midnight when Lord Krishna was actually born. Temples are beautifully decorated, kirtans (devotional songs) are sung, havans and discussions are organised. Devotees observe fast  whole day. Images of Lord  Krishna are washed with milk and offered sweets.

2. The next day of Janmashthami is celebrated as “Nando Utsav” which marks the happiness of Nanda Baba, foster father of Lord Krishna, after getting him.

3. On the occasion of Nanda Utsav, 56 items are offered to Lord Krishna that includes Khichdi, Rabri, Malpua, Jalebi and other favorite foods of Lord Krishna. This platter is called Chappan Bhog.

4. Ras leela, a devotional play with religious songs and dances, is performed in Mathura( Lord Krishna’s birthplace ) and Vrindaban( where he spent most of his childhood days ). It refers to the divine love of Lord Krishna and the Gopis, specially Radha. Artists dress like them and perform stories from the life of Lord Krishna.

5. In Tamil Nadu, people draw fascinating patterns with rice batter called Kolamon the occasion of Janmashthami. They draw them at the entrance of their houses, along with tiny footprints that symbolize the entry of little Krishna in home.

6. In Maharashtra, “dahi-handi” events are organized on the occasion of Janmashthami. In this ceremony, groups of people form human pyramid to break a pot of curd hung from inconvenient height. It symbolizes the story of little Krishna stealing curd from hanging pot.

7. The same dahi-handi festival is celebrated in Andhra Pradesh and Telengana as Ulotsavm.

8. Janmashthami is also known as Gokulashthami, Ashthami Rohini, Srikrishna Jayanti, Shree Jayanti

9. Though Bangladesh is a Muslim majority nation, Janmashthami is celebrated there as a national holiday. A procession is held on it’s capital city, Dhaka, on this occasion. In Pakistan, Janmashthami is celebrated in grand manner at the Shri Swaminarayan Mandir in Karachi.

10. More than 2 million people celebrate Janmashthami in the US only.