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Inspirational speaker Munish Maya shares glimpses from his own transformational journey

Munish Maya, an Inspirational speaker and life strategist, shares his success secret on how to win life by changing your mindset.


Most of us want to change our lives and live our dreams. When it comes to living a successful life, many of us wonder what the secret ingredient is. For Munish Maya, an influential thought leader & life mastery coach; it’s the mindset that can be a game-changer when it comes to win at life.

Munish Maya, who is a social media phenomenon, with his wisdom-filled content ranging from entrepreneur business inspiration to mindfulness and mindset mastery expertise, is the voice of millennials and Gen Z audience. From leaving his 9 to 5 corporate career to becoming a million dollar global phenomenon, he surely has come a long way.

In an exclusive interview with Business Upturn, Munish shares how he has been able to make a transformational journey and turn his life around.


What was the turning point of your life that brought you closer to the success you have today?

I had a successful corporate career as a software engineer but I felt emptiness and mundane in my life and then I realized what’s the point of being a success in the world and a failure at being yourself? So I set about to discover how truly successful people think, behave and live. During my entrepreneurial endeavors, I experimented, built and scaled multiple startups and have learned and evolved in this whole process. I have been fortunate to work with people from various walks of life during that phase and have worked, mentored and collaborated with some of the top Fortune 500 brands, entrepreneurs and visionaries. I have enjoyed my journey as an influencer and been humbled to be nominated as India’s most iconic influential entrepreneur. The ideas I learnt transformed me and inspired me to share the lessons with the people to live successful lives.

You had tremendous transitions in your journey from a corporate job, to a social media influencer, an entrepreneur and a life coach. How did you know when to make this transition and scale your career?


Well, it’s all about getting in touch with intuition. Call me an alchemist but I always listen to my instincts. By practicing mindfulness, I believe we can get in touch with our inner voice and our intuition as well. Over time, I have learned to manage my mindset, routine and wellness in alignment with my goals. I think having a right mindset and powerful purpose can bring miracles in one’s life.

You inspire others to do well in life. What is your source of inspiration?

With so many distractions and uncertainties in our world, especially in the COVID-19 pandemic times, many people face anxiety, feel lost or unhappy and are looking for some inspiration. Even people who are successful are always looking for new ideas and inspirations to become more focused, creative and happy. I feel that inspiration is all around us. For me, the love of millions of my global fans and community members is the source of my inspiration. They always keep me going. I am humbled to be part of their life and I am always willing to serve them.

What piece of advice you would like to give to young entrepreneurs?

“Change your mind set to change your life”. Everything is possible with a clear goal and inspired action. Don’t be afraid to fail. Have faith in yourself and take the leap forward.