Sherrin Varghese reflects on his ‘Campus Beats’ role as the disciplinarian dean and his multifaceted creative journey

In an exclusive interview with Business Upturn, Sherrin Varghese, celebrated for his multi-faceted career spanning music, acting, and CTO of 2 Virtual Produxtion studios, shared insights into his role as the Dean of MAD College in the web series ‘Campus Beats.’ He delved into the influence of his upbringing and personal experiences on his portrayal, blending discipline from his past filled with mischievous memories. Sherrin also elaborated on how his extensive background in music and performance led him to this role, recounting memorable moments, including a challenging emotional scene. Beyond acting, he highlighted the synergy between his creative pursuits and hinted at forthcoming collaborations in the music industry. Sherrin’s scientific approach to creativity, driven by a relentless desire to learn, underpins his preparation for diverse roles across various mediums.

How was your experience of playing the role of the Dean of MAD in the web series ‘Campus Beats’?


Sherrin Varghese: It was pretty home ground for me… I’m quite the disciplinarian at home, cos my parents & teachers were like that. Was raised with quite the ruler on my knuckles both at school and at home, so I quite relate to the role as I was quite mischievous as a child. Albeit it was fun to be on the other side of the baton this time as it felt like, life had come full circle. I thank my parents & teachers for the upbringing as I was able to get into the skin of the character by just remembering how they schooled me which was quite often.

Could you share how you got onboard in the ‘Campus Beats’ project?

Sherrin Varghese: Well what can I say, the producers of the series wanted a cool headmaster and who better than a cool skin head with an ongoing background of singing, dancing & being on stage for 20 plus years with India’s first & only Boy Band & my solo career. Plus my inks & I do look spiffy in a suit!

In ‘Campus Beats,’ your character as the Dean of MAD College has been quite intriguing. Can you share any memorable or challenging moments you encountered while portraying this role?

Sherrin Varghese: The yelling down and discipline was all easy. There was this one emotional scene at the end of the story line where I had to cry but not cry.. That was very memorable for me as we actors have to tap into a certain moments of our personal life to draw emotion from & this one brought a certain challenge from the past into fresh memory. Ergo.

Your career spans across music, acting and running a studio. How do these different creative pursuits influence and inspire each other, and do you have any upcoming projects in these domains that your fans can look forward to?

Sherrin Varghese: Many people have asked me this as to how do I juggle so many careers to which I quote Adam Savage. “Jack of all and master of none though often, more than a master of one!” Truth is, I get bored very easily, plus I love the technical artist in me. Therefore I try and do as much as possible in terms of learning and cross influencing my pursuits. I have been applying what I learn in the virtual production world to the music video business.. What I learn in the A.I. world, I apply to music production. I have always enjoyed cutting edge tech and have been in the forefront of it as a 3D generalist and an Unreal Engine specialist & now my fans can look forward to some crazy collaborations through my latest association with one of our country’s biggest music labels SaReGaMa.

As a versatile artist, you’ve explored various mediums. Can you tell us about your creative process when choosing and preparing for different roles, whether it’s in music or acting, and how you keep your creative energy flowing? 

Sherrin Varghese: I apply it very scientifically. Acting is just reacting. It’s the creation of something new that has always excited me, whether it’s a song, musical arrangement, production, recordings, vocal dubbings, art piece, sculpting, acting, 3D modelling, lighting, audio video content creation, IP generation, marketing, strategy, running a studio, virtual production and all else that the universe will throw at me. I love learning and I sleep off watching a ton of how tos’ on YouTube. That’s my creative process for prepping for anything.