EXCLUSIVE: ‘Yeh Hai Mohabbatein’ fame Apoorva Singh Chaudhary reveals her Instagram secrets

Apoorva Singh Chaudhary opens up on her social media hacks to stay real and few funny moments with her Instagram fans.

Apoorva Singh Chaudhary is a young television actress, who is well-known for her role in shows like ‘Yeh Hai Mohabbatein’, ‘Yehh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka’, ‘Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega’ and ‘Agnifera’. She has also appeared in a ZEE5 web series called ‘The Verdict’ and likes to stay connected with her fans through social media. In a recent interview with Business Upturn, she talked about her Instagram account and shared an interesting story with a fan.

What is your favourite thing about your Instagram profile?

So, my favourite thing is the verified badge, that is the blue tick on my Instagram profile and I love that.

Do you feel the pressure of posting on Instagram daily?

There isn’t any pressure of posting regularly on Instagram. However, at times there’s little pressure about what is to be posted. Otherwise, there’s no pressure because as an actor you go to various places for shoots, auditions, events, etc.; click pictures or selfies and post them regularly. So, that our followers stay connected to us, get to see us regularly and even get inspired. Basically, is not that difficult but yeah, sometimes we do feel pressurized about what we have to post and when.

How many posts do you share on daily basis?

I usually post every day or I sometimes skip a few days, like one post on every second day, So, either I post daily or on alternate days.

How often do you go live on Instagram?

I don’t go live on daily basis but once in a week, I do go live to interact with my followers and get their feedback to improve myself; or how much they love. And, whatever they want to say to me or talk about, they can converse with to have a crystal-clear communication, which isn’t possible on daily basis.

Do you write all your captions on your own?

Not all of them. I write captions depending on my pictures, like why or what I’m posting and it even depends on my mood. If there’s a picture where I want to convey a message or tell something to my followers, then I write my own caption. But sometimes it happens that you’re reading a nice book and you’re posting a picture and you want to tell your followers about something that you’ve read or seen then you quote from there because you feel influenced by it or find it relatable. So, when I find a relatable line in any book, then I use it as my caption.

Do you revert to fans personally on DM or comments?

It depends, there are some fans whom I personally DM to thank them because they have been following for a very long time and support me by their beautiful messages. So, I feel very nice that someone is my fan for so many years and I feel like talking to them personally to make them also feel good about it. Otherwise, I reply to them in comments to thank them.

Do you stalk anyone on Instagram?

Yes. I guess, it is a very normal thing for a human being. We humans and I guess everyone stalks someone on Instagram. Not in that in a negative sense but, in a positive way. Like, some have good fashion sense or someone has good content or some have nice ideas about acting. So, we stalk them you to learn on Instagram and I guess, everyone does that and it’s a very common thing.

What is that one thing which makes Instagram better than any other social media?

I guess that content of Instagram. Like you’re, you’re scrolling the Instagram and you can see pictures, you can see captions, like, it’s a very simple, elegant and a good platform. It’s not like a… there are so many that I cannot say but, yeah. Instagram is much better than other social media because it is simple, elegant and classy.

Tell us 3 reasons why your Instagram account is important for you?

First of all, I’m an actor and have lots of followers who are very important to me as they’re my fans and they make my day every day. They care for me so, I ought to care for them. So, it’s like a bond we share, that’s why it is very important for me to preserve that bond with my fans.

Secondly, I have a verified account which makes me feel very important as very few people in this world have it. So, yeah… it makes me feel important.

Third, I would say that this is the account where I can express myself very easily through stories and posts and those sixty thousand people, the followers I have will know more about the celebrity they like so much. So, if I want to write something, I write on stories and they know and understand, who exactly Apoorva Singh Chaudhary is! If I post, they know me. What she is. How she is. So, it’s a very good platform to show people who you actually are.

Your fans must keep approaching you on Instagram. Is there any funny incident you would like to share?

Yeah, there was a fan who wanted to talk to me for a long time and was following me for the last 2-3 years. And, one was there who was following me for a very long time, for like from 6 years, when I first time made an Instagram account. Both of them had the same first name. So, I gave my number to the guys who were following me from 6 years and when I talked to him, I realized that he’s the other fan who was following me from 2-3 years. So, that was very funny as I was talking in a different context and he in another. When I checked my DM after the call, I was like, Oh my god! I was talking to someone else because of the miscommunication due to their first names so, that was very funny for me.