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Local food and cuisine of Lakshwadeep that are Super Tasty

Lakshadweep is a group of small islands situated near the western coast of India in the Arabian Sea. These islands are best known for their diversity of food choices available. The seafood delicacies are available here along with vegetarian foods. You can taste yourself with a wide range of continental, Korean, and Thai foods at lakshadweep.you will be served a wide variety of tastier seafood ranging from seaweed to crabs. A variety of fried and barbecued fish found on the island is considered as the top food choices of Lakshadweep.

Here is the list of local foods and cuisines of Lakshwadeep.


Mus kavaab


Mus kavaab is considered as one of the top dishes in Lakshadweep. A boneless fish-mus is used for making this dish. The fish pieces are marinated with a paste prepared with ground coconut, turmeric, chili powder, coriander powder, cloves, and cardamoms. We can cook these pieces with fried onions along with a spicy flavor of curry leaves, tomato, and salt. This is one of the really tastier eateries available in Lakshadweep. Mus kavaab served with roti or rice is included in the menus of various restaurants.

Octopus fry


The baby octopus is used to prepare this mouth-watering dish. Coriander leaves, garlic, green chili, and salt are all mixed well to prepare a sauce. In order to prepare this dish, you have to clean the baby octopus well. The tentacles are cut into pieces and fried in oil. The flame is turned on until the pieces become crispy.

Fish pakora


This is one of the commonly served side dishes of Lakshadweep. The boneless fishes are cut into cube shapes. It has to be deep-fried along with salt after immersing into a paste of gram flour, chilly powder, turmeric, and salt. This is widely served in tented cottage stays along with tangier tomato sauce.



The fish is served as a starter along with fish thali. fish thali which includes Fish curry, papad, and rice are served along with the dish. The cleaned fish is mixed with yogurt, chilly, salt, ginger, cloves, salt, etc. It is grilled until it becomes crisp.

Maas Podichath


Maas is actually dried tuna fish. The dried fish pieces are cut into small pieces in order to mix it well with grated coconut, finely chopped onion, garlic, and ginger, turmeric powder, chili powder. The food is served along with rice or roti. It is an amazingly prepared dish. It substitutes your lunch if you are lacking stocks of vegetables to prepare vegan dishes.

Lakshadweep is typically famous for its Kerala cuisines. The staple food of people is rice. Malabar style food is available near the Kavaratti islands. Sambar, rice, avial, fried tuna fish, idli, poori are the top dishes preferred by the travelers. The seafood includes grilled or baked tuna fish, squid, and octopus. You can try the rayereha (red tuna curry), Sanath (white coconut-based tuna), rice roti, s, and Malabar parotta. The kadalakka (sugar-coated sweets made of ground rice and pulses is one of the perfect types of sweets that satisfy the hunger of sweet lovers. Most of the dishes prepared in Lakshadweep have a touch of coconut.

This was some of the best local foods and cuisines of Lakshwadeep that everyone should try once.