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10 best outdoor date ideas worth opting for 

Here’s a list of 10 best outdoor date ideas worth opting for, away from the chaos to express your love.

Dating is a stage of romantic relationships where two people meet socially with the aim of each assessing the other’s suitability as a prospective partner in an intimate relationship. It is a very essential stage while in relationship, when you can clearly see through and know your partner. Being around lot of people and chaos, it becomes difficult to know the other and focus on your date. Many a times when we talk about any particular date idea, the first thing that occurs to our mind is a good cafe or restaurant. But such places hardly allows one to open up and do whatever they feel like doing. Outdoor dates can be amazing if the selected spot is fun and exciting. Besides Cafe, restaurant and so on, there are many fascinating outdoor dates ideas worth opting for, to come close and know each other better. From night long drive to a pool date, here’s a list of 10 best outdoor date ideas worth opting for.


10 best outdoor date ideas worth opting for


Long Drive

If you owe any car, bike or scotty, you can take your date for a long drive at night. The lonely long road, twinkling stars in the sky and peace all around can be best for you to come close and enjoy every moment of togetherness.


Farm love

Going to farm together, selecting fruits while being in the process of knowing each other can be an awesome experience. Taking your favourite fruit back home from  the farm, you can cook something together and enjoy having it on your couch or balcony. Romantic, isn’t it ?


Soothing Concert

Concerts are not only about enjoying strong and energetic music with people all around and high music. A soothing and soulful concert with all romantic and heartfelt songs can be a great deal for an outdoor date. Music can be the best way to express your love for the other person.


Enjoying Sunset

Sunset is considered the most beautiful time of a day and especially in summer, it looks peaceful and relaxing. It’s very important to feel relaxed when you are on a date. Watching a sunset together can be a good chance for you to express your love for the other person.


Beach Love

Relaxing on the beach, feeling the waves crashing, soothing sands and holding hands together can be a perfect chic date where you can know each other better. You don’t even need to wear something great or carry accessories and makeup. Nature love will fill your heart with peace and love.


On the elevation

Going for adventurous trips on elevation like hiking or mountain trips can be best for a couple to know each other. You can choose any hill nearby your city and can together work during hiking. Cooking, preparing place to sit and so on will help you to see through your date providing you with plenty of space and time together.


Exploring a New Town

A day trip to any near by town from your city can be a really fun and exciting trip together. The country side scenes, roadside attractions, highway food and music can make it a fun trip together and a good outdoor date idea.


Rafting together

Not only rafting but any activity together on water including boating, sailing or fishing can be very exciting as well as romantic for a date. Enjoying the waves crashing and together handling the sail will make you come close and lost in the waves of love.


Night Skywatching

Expressing your love under the open sky and twinkling stars, spread like small diamond beads all over the reach can be a very romantic date idea you can go for. The silence all around, chirping of insets and birds and sitting on the grass will let you fall out of your zone and acknowledge the other about your feelings.


Food Truck Date

Tracking down the best food truck nearby and going there together to enjoy the food and each other company can be a perfect outdoor date idea. Music and your place of comfort to relax and enjoy your truck food will encourage a good and relaxed mood to express your feelings and enjoy a good date.