Top 5 things you should not say at your first date 

Look before you leap and when it’s your first date, you need to be more specific while delivering comments. Here’s top 5 things you should not say at your first date

“Your odour makes me dizzy”, “Your heels are giving you a tall appearence”. Statements like these can seriously impact your date event and can even result in putting a full stop on a possibility of having a relationship. ‘Look before you leap’ is a famous saying that one must follow on their very first date in order to impress the other. Many times, we tend to neglect to think before we deliver any statement and in our ignorance we deliver harsh or upsetting comments that can turn down our chances of impressing our date. We might sarcastically say such stuff but the person on the other end might get upset. The first date is always meant to impress the other instead of upsetting or passing harsh statements or comments. We aren’t aware of how the person on the other end might feel or will take our take on something. A date is a romantic event to know about each other, ones dislikes and likes and so on and not about demeaning their sentiments. There are many things one should forbid and totally avoid on their first date to say for the other. Here’s top 5 things you should forbid to say on your first date in order to make it a successfull and pleasant event.


Top 5 things to forbid to say on your first date


“Your hairstyle is a mess”

Hair is considered to be a weak point for both male and female. Many times it happens that humid weather or other factors result into a  messy hairstyle. But if the you pass any comment on that using words like mess or bad then it might hurt the other. No one wants to look bad on their date and tries their best to look good. Avoid to deliver bad comments on their look instead try to encourage them and boost confidence for a good start.


“I don’t prefer the brand you wear or it’s very cheap”

You might be very specific about your clothing brands or accessories and always go for brands and expensive cloths but this might not be the case with every next person. Your date might be wearing a brand which you don’t like and feel it to be cheap which they are probably very comfortable with. Restrain yourself from commenting on someone’s choice of brand and expenses. This not only upsets the other but also shows your superiority complex.


“You are too bonny”

You might feel that your date isn’t having a physique that you desired for but commenting on someone’s figure either bonny or fatso shows your narrow and incompetent personality, hurting the other sentiments. One might be going through certain metabolic problems. Avoid commenting on someone’s physique even in sarcasm or ignorance. Think before you say such stuff.


“Your parents are so….”

Always choose to avoid the parents or family talk. In our ignorance we tend to deliver statements commenting on the others parent or family which can result in putting full stop on further talks while ending the date event disastrously. Leave parents out of your date talks.


“My ex was so hot”

Never ever talk about your ex boyfriend or girlfriend in front of your date. Sometimes we tend to compare our past relationships with the new one which is not at all good and can pull you down. Whereas totally avoid to brag about your ex partner and embarra about him or her. This shows that you are still stuck with him or her and can make the other feel least interested.