Anupamaa: Viewers say ‘Finally there’s growth’ as Anu is no longer concerned by Pakhi’s interest in Arush

Pakhi seems to have taken on a new romantic interest. But is it just because he is a green card holder?

Rupali Ganguly stars in the television series Anupamaa. She plays the protagonist character, Anu, who encounters a number of problems in life. However, she faces these challenges straight on. While she tries to establish a job and life for herself in America, her personal life has taken a turn for the worse. She abandoned everything and relocated to a new nation, but her history followed.

The entire Shah family is in the United States, including her ex-husband Anuj Kapadia and his fiancée Shruti. Despite the many difficulties, we observe Holi celebrations in America. Pakhi, the daughter of Anupamaa and Vanraj, appears to have developed a new interest in the United States.


In the recent episode, we see Pakhi obsessed with Arush. He is a new character on the show. During the Holi festival, Pakhi introduced Arush to Baa and other family members. She claims that he is a green card holder in America. Baa senses that Pakhi is once again heading in the wrong direction. Later, we notice Pakhi and Arush laughing together.

Anupamaa notices Pakhi coming closer to Arush, but this time she chooses to ignore him. Anu simply nods her head and departs. She doesn’t lecture Pakhi, which pleases fans. Anu did not intervene in Pakhi’s affairs and instead simply let her be, even though she could see that her daughter is almost falling into trouble. Netizens are impressed, claiming that Anu has finally made some progress.

For a long time, viewers of the show have been dissatisfied with its creators and authors. Anupamaa and Anuj Kapadia’s romance ended because she was unable to leave the Shahs.

She couldn’t retain Kapadia as her priority, which caused a split between the two. Will Anu let Pakhi do anything she wants now? Fans believe Anupamaa’s character is evolving.

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In the next episode, Anupamaa will be on a mission to send son Toshu to jail. He was the reason Anu went to jail.