‘The Walking Dead: Dead City’ – Release date, trailer, cast: everything that we need to know

‘The Walking Dead’ has been the favorite pick for the zombie lovers without any confusion. ‘The Walking Dead’ aims to portray the behavioral psychology of human under challenging circumstances. It not only gives a gloomy vibe to the spectator but also triggers their emotion. ‘The Walking Dead’ became a massive hit gaining appreciation from the fans and critics over the world after few episodes were on air. It ended up being the most watched of any cable or broadcast series.


From 2015, ‘The Walking Dead’ has been renewed for three spin- off series which are as mentioned Fear The Walking Dead, The Waking Dead: World Beyond and Tales of the Walking Dead. Another spin-off The Walking Dead: Dead City is expected to be premiered soon.

The Walking Dead: Dead City – Release date update

As per the reports ‘The Walking Dead: Dead City’ is all set to be on air. The series will be premiered right after Fear the Walking Dead’s mid- season finale on 18th June, Sunday, 2023 on AMC and AMC+. After the premier the remaining episodes will be on air on the coming Sundays at 9p.m. on AMC.

The Walking Dead: Dead City – Trailer

The trailer has already been released in November, last year.

The Walking Dead: Dead City – Cast

The series will feature actors like Lauren Cohan, Jeffery Dean Morgan,  Gaius Charles, Jonathan Higginbotham, Mahina Napoleon, Trey Santiago- Hudson, Charlie Solis, Zeljko Ivanek, Michael Anthony, Alex Borlo, David Chen, Randy Gonzalez, Alex Huynh, Aixa Kendrick, Karina Ortiz, Caleb Reese Paul, Eleanor Reissa and John Wu.