Lock Upp: Shivam Sharma’s hilarious sense of humour is winning hearts; Here’s how he bagged votes from housemates in his favour

Host Kangana Ranaut gives Shivam Sharma a safe sheet to save himself from eviction. Here is how he saved himself.

In a recent judgement day episode of Lock Upp reality show, host Kangana Ranaut dubbed the contestant as a “true entertainer” of the show. Now in a recent episode, he proves that this title perfectly suits him.

As Kangana told Shivam about “safe sheet” instead of “charge sheet.” Accoding to the safe sheet, he has to get the signatures of 6 of his fellow contestants to keep himself safe from eviction. So, he crossed all limits of comedy to get those 6 signatures.

First, he went to Poonam Pandey for her signature. To convince her, he said, Poonam ji… Poonam ji dekho ab aap mujhe batao ki aapke ghar me do-do kutte bhi hain. Ek kutta main bhi hu. Please ek vote… ek baar.” Poonam who was unable to control her laughter on hearing him finally signed in favour of him. He then went to Payal and said, “Payal ji… meri favourite sabzi aalo methi hai.” Payal along with Azma also signed for him.

Next, he went to Karanvir. Karanvir imposed a condition in exchange for his signature. He asked Shivam to wash his dishes and Shivam agreed to do so. After this, while mimicking crying, he took Mandana’s sign too. At last, he went to Munawar. To convince Munawar, he said, “Haircut… Bhai aisa baal maine aaj tk zindagi me nahi katwaye. Kya lg rhe ho bhai.”

That’s why he got 6 signatures. He was surely a pure entertainer which the show needs.

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