Lock Upp: Kangana Ranaut tags Shivam Sharma as the ‘true entertainer’ of the show

In the recent of episode of lock upp, host Kangana Ranaut tagged Shivam Sharma as the true entertainer. She tells him that he is a much needed relief for the show.

In lock upp every contestant is known for something or the other, for which they are famous for. In the upcoming episode of Lock Upp host Kangana Ranaut tags on Shivam Sharma with the true entertainer of the show. Kangana tells Shivam that he is like a Sunday, and he is a much needed relief for the show and for everyone. On hearing this Shivam says, “thank you, ma’am, thank you so much.” Everyone started to clap their hands. Kangana goes on to say that, “tumhare liye ek line bilkul sahi beeth ti hai.” Shivam says, “kya ma’am bilkul bolo.” Kangana says, “aag lage basti mei apan apni masti mei.”

Kangana says that whoever fights your live commentary goes on in the show. To which Shivam replies, “I have those vibes within myself, and have that type of humor. Shivam says to Kangana, “jis show mei ap ho ma’am usko 100 crore likes to milenge hi.” The moment I will go there will be 100 crore likes for sure. Shivam praises Kangana and says, “10 crore toh apke muskurahat k hi hai ma’am, and he himself starts to smile.” To which everyone starts to clap and cheer him out. Kangana too starts to smile, on hearing all this from Shivam.