Lock Upp: Munawar Faruqui opens up about his life journey and struggles; says, “Standup comedian banne k baad bhi mujhe misunderstood kiya gaya”

In the lock upp leak, Munawar Faruqui opens up about his life’s history related to his family and the journey of his career.


In the most controversial OTT show lock upp, there are a lot of secrets about the contestants that have been spoken out by themselves. In the lock upp leak, Munawar Faruqui is seen speaking about himself, in front of everyone including jailor Karan Kundrra and Warden Tejasswini Prakash. Munawar opens up about the struggle, he has faced since his childhood.

Munawar says “mei fifth tak hi padha hu, reason mei fifth tak hi padha hu kyuki paise nahi the padha ne k liye.” Munawar says he didn’t release during such a tender age, what happened to him and after that was much more shocking as his mother expired and just after one year his father was also paralyzed, for ten-twelve years his father was paralyzed. Munawar says since then working, had become his necessity and he worked since such a tender age. Munawar goes on saying after a lot of struggle he was able to become a stand-up comedian, but even after all that he was misunderstood and even very badly. Munawar says many ups and downs came up in his life but he was the one to handle those situations. Munawar says before coming to lock upp, his 16 stand-up comedies in India which were about to take place at the big auditoriums were all cancelled, by threatening the teams and the organizers. Munawar says he felt very upset during that time. Munawar says, “mujhe bahut bura laga, mei sirf logo ko hasana chahta tha.” Munawar says when lock upp came towards him, “he was very happy and said, mei yeh karunga aur mei chahta hu ki log mujhe as a person bhi jaane iss show se.”