Kapil Sharma discloses the reality behind his drunk tweet to PM Modi

Netflix streaming ‘I’m Not Done Yet!’ My story, My style– Kapil Sharma

Kapil Sharma is all geared up for his stand-up ‘I’m Not Done Yet.’ The actor-Comedian will be sharing his life story which will be streamed on Netflix from 28th January.


I have been working for 15 year’s on TV now, he mentioned, before he has never taken comedy seriously because it comes naturally to us (Panjabi’s). “I didn’t know it was something you could get paid for.”–he humour.

Kapils says “an artist inner voice is heard that, I’m Not Done Yet! But where one must do it?”. According to Kapil Netflix was the platform where he could share his life journey.

In his first trailer, Kapil shared his life story, “My story, My style.” He says the line ‘I’m Not Done Yet’ fits perfectly with my life. He humours that In the drunk state at night he tweeted PM Modi when he got up in the morning he saw OB vans, Kapil asked his cook, ‘whether there any fire why there are fire brigade vans over here’. He replied, “you caused this fire on Twitter last night!.” Kapil further says, “Not all the tweets were mine, some were from Jack Daniel….. Based on that, you can’t ‘black label’ some artists, I mean blacklists.”

Kapil open ups about his family, his social media missteps and his love for music. Kapil will be seen talking about his ambition to keep reinventing himself, pushing his creative genius and openly admitting that “He’s Not Done Yet”.

The stand-up also spotlights Kapil’s mother, his wife, and friends from The Kapil Sharma Show. Kapil’s stand-up special, titled ‘I’m Not Done Yet’, will be streaming on Netflix on 28th January.