BTS Jungkook’s new single ‘3D’ is out now! Features Jack Harlow – Watch

Jungkook’s second solo single is titled 3D. It stars Jack Harlow, an American singer-rapper.

Jungkook, BTS’s youngest member, has released the music video for his new song 3D. The buzz surrounding 3D has been tremendous since the success of his first solo song Seven, and the inclusion of Jack Harlow has just added to it.

Soon after 3D’s song video debuted on Friday, BTS fans flocked to social media to debate it, with many applauding Jungkook’s style in general, rather than just his collaboration with the American singer-rapper.


3D by Jungkook is a pop and R&B song. Jack Harlow appears on this track, adding zest to the song with his distinct rhyming style. Jungkook begins the music video by singing inside a phone booth. He then does a street dance with background dancers. “I just want to see you like that,” a line says. Jack Harlow joins him and raps, and the two play chess at a wayside cafe. At one point, Jungkook also dances in the rain.

A fan commented on the YouTube video, “Vocals – 100 percent. Style – 100 percent.” Another wrote, “This is sooo goood. you never disappoint us. I love you and your voice.” A third commented, “What is our Jungkook doing! Now I’m going to go to school and I’ll just have this song on my mind. Great job you did!” While another comment reads “This is Beautiful.”

The song was unveiled during the Global Citizen Awards celebration, when Jungkook wowed the audience with a captivating performance. BIGHIT Music just revealed the news on WeVerse, writing, “Hello. This is BIGHIT MUSIC. We are excited to announce the release of BTS member Jungkook’s digital single 3D (feat. Jack Harlow). Jungkook’s second solo single is a pop R&B track with clever expressions of feelings toward an unattainable person from the perspectives of first, second, and third dimensions. Get ready to meet an even more mature side of Jungkook following Seven (feat. Latto)…”