Yellowjackets season 3: When will the season release? Check out every detail

The Yellowjackets are set to return for their third installment but not without an amuse- bouche.

The series have accumulated 10 Emmy nominations so far, which includes nominations for Melanie Lynskey and Christina Ricci, and it has also been enjoying a dedicated fan base across its two seasons. Yellowjackets is set to return for season 3 in early 2025, according to the reports of Deadline. However, the series co-creator Ashley Lyle also confirmed that there will be a bonus episode released to curb viewers’ appetite before season 3’s release.


Read on to learn everything you need to know about the season 3 of Yellowjackets.

When does the filming for Yellowjackets season 3 start?

In an interview with on April 3, 2024, Sophie Nelisse, who plays teenage Shauna, revealed that filming would start approximately one month from that day in early May.

Sophie stated, “We go back to Vancouver in a month. I have my apartment there. We haven’t read any scripts.”

When will Yellowjackets season 3 release?

The writers’ strike in Hollywood began a day after the writers started writing the upcoming season for Yellowjackets. Hence, this has delayed production and co-creator of the series Bart Nickerson shared that fans can expect the release date to be in 2025.