Pathaan 2: Director Siddharth Anand will continue working on Shah Rukh Khan starrer – Reports

The Spy Universe film series is an exciting new project from Yash Raj Films. The much awaited Pathaan 2 creates a lot of talk even before it is officially announced.

A historic occasion occurred in the Indian film industry in 2023 when Pathaan broke box office records and became the first Bollywood film to earn more than Rs. 1055 crore worldwide.

This action-packed thriller, which was directed by Siddharth Anand, not only broke records but also celebrated Shah Rukh Khan’s victorious comeback as Bollywood’s King.


The Spy Universe film series is an exciting new project from Yash Raj Films. Of them, the much-awaited Pathaan 2 creates a lot of anticipation ahead of its formal release. The specifics are still being kept secret, though. Now, there is a fascinating inside look at Pathaan 2.

It was announced a few weeks ago that the previous film’s director, Siddhart Anand, would not be helming the part 2. There were rumours that a new director would shortly join the group. But now, there are hints from our insider sources close to the production team that Siddharth is a major character in the film.

The insider, who spoke with, stated that Siddharth Anand might return to direct the follow-up. Soon, fans can anticipate an official confirmation. For Pathaan 2, pre-production is still under progress. Siddharth Anand and Casey O’Neill, who are well-known for their collaborations with Tom Cruise, the movie star, will work together to produce exciting action scenes.

The main actress, who has not yet been formally confirmed, is one of the cast members who fans are anxiously awaiting further information about.

Even as Pathaan keeps making headlines, Shah Rukh Khan is already preparing for his next project. Directed by Sunjoy Ghosh and titled King, this project looks to be a thrilling addition to SRK’s resume. Curiously, it has been rumoured that Siddharth Anand would direct action scenes for King as well, which heightens the excitement for the movie.