Anupamaa: Rupali Ganguly reveals interesting secret about her wedding with husband Ashwin K Verma – Find out

Although Rupali Ganguly, who plays Rajan Shahi’s Anu, may not have had a happy ending to her on-screen relationship, her real-life romance is unquestionably nothing short of a fairytale.

In 2013, Rupali tied the knot with her current spouse, Ashwin. Their love tale is straightforward but incredibly touching. They were once in a long-distance relationship and got married in a traditional court ceremony.


But did you know that Rupali’s TV programme Parvarrish producer and her Sarabhai vs. Sarabhai co-stars weren’t even positive she would tie the knot till only one day before the wedding?

During an interview with Mahsbale India, Rupali Ganguly, who gained notoriety for Anupamaa, said that she had a long-distance relationship with her spouse Ashwin. She said that she thought expensive weddings were always a waste of money and that’s why she had never wanted one. She chose a straightforward judicial marriage with Ashwin as a result.


She was doing the TV series Parvarrish at the time. Rupali requested a day off from the producer so she could get married, and the producer granted her request but inquired as to whether she would actually get married.

Rupali said that the producer was only making sure of everything because she had previously taken a day off to get married but had not actually gotten married.

Rupali then recalled that her Sarabhai vs Sarabhai co-stars assumed she was playing about when she told them she was getting married the following day. In a humorous revelation, Rupali says that everyone was pitying Ashwin.

She then told her co-stars that there will be a wedding celebration if Ashwin shows up, and otherwise there will just be a party. Rupali disclosed in the same interview that she wasn’t certain if Ashwin would truly wed her for an unknown reason.

Rupali and Ashwin are each other’s greatest sources of support these days. Ganguly has often given her husband credit for her enormous accomplishment.