Who is Sutekh? Doctor Who 2024 villain from Pyramids of Mars explained

In a thrilling twist, the iconic villain Sutekh has been reintroduced to the “Doctor Who” universe in the 2024 season finale, marking his first appearance since the 1975 classic “Pyramids of Mars.”

The Return of Sutekh

Sutekh is revealed as the mysterious “One Who Waits,” a villain whose presence has been hinted at since the third of 2023’s 60th anniversary specials, “The Giggle.” The character’s ominous return was teased through various episodes and characters, building anticipation for the final reveal in “The Legend of Ruby Sunday.”

Gabriel Woolf, who originally voiced Sutekh, reprises his role, adding a layer of continuity and nostalgia for long-time fans. Sutekh is described as the “god of all gods” and the “god of death,” a member of the Pantheon of Discord, a group of powerful beings from outside the universe that includes the Toymaker, the Trickster, and Maestro.

Sutekh first appeared in the four-part serial “Pyramids of Mars,” where he was introduced as one of the Osirans, a race of god-like beings worshipped by various cultures, including Ancient Egypt. Sutekh’s quest for total dominance led to his imprisonment by the Osirans using the Eye of Horus, which kept him paralyzed in a tomb on Mars.

The Fourth Doctor and Sarah Jane Smith ultimately thwarted his plans, leaving Sutekh trapped in an endless time corridor. However, it appears that Sutekh has found a way to escape this fate and has latched onto the TARDIS, setting the stage for his return.

The finale, titled “Empire of Death,” hints at dire consequences with the synopsis describing Sutekh’s reign over creation and the Doctor’s apparent defeat. However, it also teases that “one woman” might be able to stop the devastation.

Possible Key Characters:

  • Ruby Sunday: The new companion whose mysterious past is central to the current storyline.
  • Ruby’s Birth Mother: A yet-to-be-revealed character who could hold crucial answers.
  • Susan Triad: A recurring figure whose role and connections remain enigmatic.
  • Mrs. Flood: A character who has somehow foreseen Sutekh’s return.

The 2024 finale promises a gripping confrontation between the Doctor and Sutekh, with the fate of the universe hanging in the balance. The intertwining of Ruby’s origins and the unfolding secrets of the supporting characters are expected to culminate in a shocking and memorable conclusion.


When and Where to Watch Doctor Who

“Doctor Who’s” 2024 season finale, “Empire of Death,” will be available on:

  • Disney+: Premiering on Friday, June 21, 2024, in most territories.
  • BBC iPlayer: Available on Saturday, June 22, 2024, in the U.K. and Ireland.

Fans can look forward to a dramatic and climactic end to the season, filled with the classic “Doctor Who” elements of suspense, mystery, and epic confrontations.