Who is Lady Deadpool, the Merc with a Mouth’s female counterpart?

Get ready to buckle up, because the ultimate cinematic event of the year—heck, let’s go wild and say the decade—is about to hit theaters, and the hype for Deadpool & Wolverine is soaring to unprecedented heights.

For one dedicated We Got This Covered writer, the anticipation has reached stratospheric levels. She’s been entrenched in the world of these characters long before her fingers ever danced across the keyboard, with decades of fandom finally poised to pay off when the mid-July release date rolls around. And pay off it has, allowing her ample opportunities to geek out over this lifelong obsession through a myriad of enlightening articles.


From delving into which characters we can expect to grace the screen, to exploring the mind-bending capabilities of the one and only Wade Wilson, to speculating on the intriguing paths Deadpool 3 might tread, the excitement knows no bounds. And nestled within the lineup of both confirmed and potential characters lies the crown jewel: Lady Deadpool.

As the de facto leader of the Deadpool Corps, Lady Deadpool reigns supreme. Tough, unforgiving, and just as lethal as her male counterpart, she navigates the chaotic world of mercenaries without resorting to locking anyone in the Box. And now, she’s poised to make her grand entrance into the Marvel Cinematic Universe in Deadpool & Wolverine, introducing audiences to this enigmatic yet fabulous favorite.


So, who exactly is Lady Deadpool?

Born from the alternate reality of Earth-3010, Wanda Wilson burst onto the scene in 2010’s Deadpool: Merc with a Mouth #7, carving her own unique path in the Deadpool mythos. Motivated by a delightful cocktail of money, television, junk food, and the occasional dash of love, Lady Deadpool shares many traits with her male counterpart. From her combat prowess to her regenerative abilities to her penchant for cheeky banter, she’s every bit the Deadpool fans know and love—albeit with her own distinct flair.

With a fast-talking tongue and a rebellious spirit, Lady Deadpool is primed to lead the charge in 2024’s cinematic extravaganza, Deadpool & Wolverine. And for fans eagerly awaiting her arrival, the countdown to the ultimate Deadpool experience is officially on.