What’s Going On With That Unexpected Return in ‘The Boys’ Season 4?

In the chaotic world of “The Boys,” where supers are as dysfunctional as they are deadly, Black Noir’s return in season 4 has left fans scratching their heads harder than Homelander after an ethics class. Known for his mysterious demeanor and unflinching brutality, Black Noir’s reappearance comes with a twist worthy of a Vought cover-up.

Here’s the scoop: after the dramatic events of season 3, where Black Noir met a gruesomely unexpected demise at the hands (or fists) of Homelander, viewers were understandably shocked to see him back in action. But wait, there’s more! This isn’t the same old Noir we knew. Suddenly, he’s chatting it up like he’s at a superhero cocktail party, dropping f-bombs and questioning the brutality he’s asked to commit. Cue the record scratch.


Turns out, Vought pulled a fast one. To mask Homelander’s murderous outburst and keep the Seven’s image untarnished, they drafted some random Joe into the Black Noir suit and hoped no one would notice. Ingenious, right? Except for the fact that our man Black Noir isn’t the type to stay silent—even when he’s supposed to be. So, now we have the real Nathan Mitchell back in the role, playing an actor pretending to be the very character he once embodied.

In a series known for its twists, this one takes the cake (and probably eats it too, with a side of laser vision). As the Seven navigate their twisted world of PR stunts and super-powered vendettas, one thing’s for sure: with Black Noir back on the scene, things are about to get a whole lot messier.