What is the fate of Makima in Chainsaw Man?

Fans rejoiced when Denji finally managed to vanquish Makima, despite her near-invulnerability due to a contract with the Japanese Prime Minister that redistributed any harm she suffered among innocent citizens. This arrangement made her virtually untouchable, allowing her to escape unscathed even from seemingly fatal injuries.

However, Denji, in a stroke of cunning brilliance, outsmarted Makima during their climactic showdown. Knowing her obsession with the Chainsaw Man, Denji exploited her blind spot—she could only identify him by Pochita’s distinct scent, not his own. By creating a decoy Chainsaw Man using a piece of Pochita and Power’s blood, Denji tricked Makima into believing she had subdued the real Chainsaw Man. In a swift and brutal move aided by Captain Kishibe, Denji struck Makima down with a chainsaw infused with Power’s blood, disrupting the contract that granted Makima her pseudo-immortality.


This decisive act left fans wondering why Makima did not resurrect as she had before. It was revealed that the blood-infused chainsaw interfered with the contract’s mechanism, preventing Makima’s wounds from being distributed among the populace. Denji then consumed Makima’s remains to ensure she could not return, but to everyone’s surprise, the Control Devil eventually reincarnated in a new form, a young girl named Nayuta.

The perplexity deepened as Denji, who harbored complex feelings for Makima despite her manipulative and terrorizing ways, found himself caring for Nayuta, hoping to guide her away from the path of darkness that Makima had trodden. Their relationship blossomed into something akin to siblings, offering Denji a renewed sense of companionship after losing so many friends in the brutal battles of the past.

As fans eagerly anticipate the next chapters of Chainsaw Man, they hope Nayuta’s presence will bring positivity and stability to Denji’s tumultuous life. The birth of Nayuta marks a potential turning point, where Denji may finally find solace and support amidst the chaos of devil-hunting and personal turmoil.