Royal photographer claimed Princess Diana had an unforgettable moment posing in front of the Pyramids of Giza

Princess Diana, the enigmatic figure whose life captivated the world, had her moments of unease, even amidst the grandeur of the Pyramids of Giza. Revealed by royal photographer Samir Hussein, Diana’s discomfort before the iconic 1992 photoshoot stemmed from nervousness about posing against such an iconic backdrop.

Hussein shared that his father, Anwar Hussein, a trusted photographer to the royal family, played a pivotal role in easing Diana’s nerves that day. “My father got into a conversation with her,” Samir recounted, “and she said she was very nervous when it came to appearing in front of big iconic landmarks.” Sensing her apprehension, Anwar offered a simple yet effective suggestion: “Well, you’re so natural; why don’t you just pretend you’re a model?”


This encouragement did the trick. Diana regained her confidence and posed gracefully, exactly as Anwar had suggested. The resulting images of Diana against the majestic backdrop of the pyramids would later become iconic, capturing her grace and elegance amidst historical splendor.

Reflecting on another poignant moment captured by his father, Samir Hussein shared a touching story about Diana’s compassion. Among Anwar’s collection was a photograph of Diana tenderly holding a young boy suffering from cancer and blindness. Despite his disabilities, the boy was visibly captivated by Diana’s presence. “She’s cradling a young boy who is suffering from cancer and who’s blind,” Samir described. “But the boy you can see is just absolutely taken by her.”

Diana herself cherished this photograph, considering it her favorite among Anwar’s works due to the emotional connection it conveyed. “She actually said that this was her favorite picture that my father had taken just because of the connection to the child,” Samir shared, highlighting Diana’s genuine empathy and caring nature.

These iconic photographs, capturing Diana’s moments of vulnerability, empathy, and regal poise, continue to resonate today. Displayed at exhibitions and cherished by admirers worldwide, they serve as enduring testaments to the enduring legacy of the People’s Princess.