Princess Diana’s brother just made a move right out of King Charles’ divorce playbook

As news of Charles Spencer and Karen Gordon’s divorce reverberates, it’s evident that their split mirrors the high-stakes dynamics of royal divorces past. With Charles Spencer enlisting the formidable Fiona Shackelton, Baroness of Belgravia, as his legal representation, the scene is set for a potentially contentious process reminiscent of Princess Diana’s own divorce from King Charles III.

Shackelton’s reputation as a “demon negotiator” precedes her, having navigated the intricate legal waters of high-profile divorces, including that of Paul McCartney and Heather Mills. With her expertise at the helm, Spencer’s estranged wife, Karen Gordon, may face a formidable challenge in securing a favorable settlement.


Drawing parallels to Princess Diana’s divorce settlement, which included a substantial lump sum and annual allowance, one can’t help but wonder what financial arrangements await Gordon. While Spencer may not wield royal status, their shared residence at Althorp House, with its grandeur and historical significance, adds a layer of complexity to the proceedings.

Much like Diana’s post-divorce living arrangements at Kensington Palace, the question of where Gordon will reside looms large. Will she maintain her connection to Althorp House, or will the terms of the settlement necessitate a different path?

As the divorce saga unfolds, it’s clear that both parties face a significant period of transition. While Spencer expresses his desire to focus on his children and grandchildren, Gordon’s future remains uncertain. Will she retain some of the privileges afforded by her marriage to the 9th Earl, or will she chart a new course entirely? Only time will tell as the legal proceedings progress under the watchful eye of Shackelton, the seasoned architect of divorce negotiations.