Mother’s Milk recast speculation explained

Fans of Amazon Prime Video’s The Boys were buzzing with speculation that actor Laz Alonso had been recast for Season 4 due to his noticeably different appearance.


Was Mother’s Milk Recast in The Boys?

Season 4 of The Boys sees the return of its familiar band of Supe-hunting vigilantes, including the streetwise and iconic Marvin T. Milk, aka Mother’s Milk. Known for his vast wisdom and often seen as the heart of the team, Mother’s Milk’s story is deeply tied to his family, especially his vendetta against Vought after a Supe killed his grandfather.

Many fans were perplexed during the Season 4 premiere as Mother’s Milk sported a different look. Gone was his usual full beard, replaced by a sleek mustache, and he appeared significantly slimmer.

Despite the rumors, Laz Alonso continues to portray Mother’s Milk in Season 4, as he has done in all previous seasons. The 50-year-old actor underwent a significant weight loss transformation and shaved his beard between wrapping up Season 3 in September 2021 and starting Season 4 filming in August 2022.

Alonso addressed his transformation on Instagram, responding to a fan who congratulated him on his weight loss. He humorously attributed his change to cutting down on pizza, saying, “Had to trim it down fam! Got carried away [with] too much pizza.”


What’s Next for Mother’s Milk in The Boys?

In Season 4, Mother’s Milk takes on a crucial leadership role, guiding The Boys in their battle against Vought, Homelander, and other Supes. This new responsibility makes this season pivotal for Laz Alonso’s character, promising more screen time and deeper involvement in the storyline.

Alonso’s fitness transformation might be partly motivated by this larger role, aiming to be in his best shape yet for the intense action and fight scenes ahead. There are also theories that Billy Butcher could become the ultimate threat, potentially leading Mother’s Milk to confront an old ally-turned-enemy.

As Mother’s Milk steps up to lead the charge, Season 4 promises to be an intense and action-packed chapter in The Boys. Fans can look forward to Alonso’s dedication paying off with a physically and emotionally charged performance.

The Boys is currently streaming on Amazon Prime Video, with the first three episodes of Season 4 available now and new episodes releasing every Thursday.