JoJo Siwa freely discusses her sexuality says, "I fell in love for the first time and realised I was gay at Disney World" | Business Upturn

JoJo Siwa freely discusses her sexuality says, “I fell in love for the first time and realised I was gay at Disney World”

JoJo Siwa discussed her sexual orientation. She admitted that she discovered she is gay when visiting Disney World and experienced her first love.


The J Team’s JoJo Siwa opened up about her sexuality and said that she came to terms with being lesbian while visiting Walt Disney World. Siwa talked about how her time at the resort in Florida helped her develop as a person and make priceless memories.

She thanked Disney World for the wonderful experiences she had had there and acknowledged the resort’s importance in her life. She claims that her positive experiences and recollections from Disney World helped to mould her personality and character.

Before it opens on April 4 at Magic Kingdom’s Tomorrowland, the TRON Lightcycle/Run ride, she admitted that the location had both happy and challenging memories for her.


Siwa said that Disney World has helped her grow tremendously and will always have a special place in her heart. “I have a lot of really fun memories here. I have a lot of really hard memories here, but I have grown a lot at Disney.” she added.

She discussed how she came to the realization that she is gay and stated, “I fell in love for the first time at Disney World. I realized I was gay at Disney World. I went through stages of heartbreak at Disney World. There’s been a lot in my personal life that Disney World has really attributed to.” JoJo expressed gratitude for the memories and growth that Disney World has brought into her life. Her visit to the resort was a reminder of her journey and the different experiences that have contributed to who she is today.

In January 2021, JoJo Siwa made it known that she belonged to the LGBTQ+ group. The next month, she presented Kylie Prew, her first love, to her followers. JoJo thought back to her 14-day trip to Walt Disney World with a close female friend, when she had discovered her romantic feelings for her.


JoJo achieved fame as a contestant on the reality TV programme “Dance Moms,” and she later became well-known on social media. Young fans love her signature bow and sparkly look, which have earned her a favourite thanks to her upbeat, vivacious, and bright demeanour.