Dakota Johnson’s Queer Indie Flick Scores Fresh Rating On Rotten Tomatoes After HBO Max Release

After the critical drubbing of Dakota Johnson’s superhero film “Madame Web,” which was panned as “mediocre, dull, and boring” and earned a dismal 11% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, the actress has found redemption with her performance in a low-budget indie flick. Critics have hailed her role in “Am I OK?” as “earnest” and “bittersweet,” a stark contrast to the negative reviews of her previous film.

Though “Am I OK?” premiered two years ago at Sundance, it has recently garnered attention with its release on HBO Max, achieving an impressive 81% fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes. This heartwarming indie film sees Dakota Johnson portraying Lucy, a woman in her 30s who discovers her sexual orientation as a lesbian.


Variety praised Johnson’s performance, noting, “Johnson [plays] one of her stereotypical stunted Dakota Johnson characters, the kind of knotted-up-by-neuroses innocent that the talented actor imbues with life even when the surrounding movie lets her down, as it does here.” Meanwhile, The Guardian appreciated the film’s exploration of female friendships and sexuality, stating, “Am I OK? joins a growing body of female-focused friendship films without backing down from its interest in exploring sexuality, pleasure, and identity.”

The Hollywood Reporter also commended the film, emphasizing the “easygoing chemistry between Mizuno and Johnson” and how the dialogue “grounds ‘Am I OK?’ in love without pushing it toward sentimentality.”

Directed by real-life couple Tig Notaro and Stephanie Allynne, and co-starring Sonoya Mizuno, “Am I OK?” has successfully revitalized Dakota Johnson’s standing with critics, proving that her talents shine brightest in more intimate, character-driven narratives.