Are George Clooney and Amal living away from each other?

George and Amal Clooney, often seen as one of Hollywood’s most beloved couples, might be facing some turbulence in their marriage, according to recent reports. A source has claimed that their relationship is under strain, and the pair might be living ‘separate lives’ due to their demanding careers.

The insider noted that the Clooneys, despite their public image of unity and affection, are reportedly finding it hard to balance their marriage with their professional commitments. George, for instance, is set to move to New York for a year to star on Broadway, which will place him 4,000 miles away from their home in Lake Como, Italy.


The source elaborated that the couple’s intense work ethic is contributing to their living ‘separate lives,’ as they are both deeply engrossed in their respective careers. “They are in two very different worlds 90 percent of the day,” the insider said, adding that their busy schedules have them only seeing each other during vacations, which are infrequent given their Lake Como residence.

In a previous interview with *The Hollywood Reporter*, George recalled how he and Amal initially tried to keep their wedding plans a secret. Once the news got out, they decided to embrace the public attention, with George humorously recounting how they stood up and waved to everyone while on a boat, deciding not to hide their marriage any longer.

The couple, who married in 2014, are parents to twins Ella and Alexander. Despite the current rumors, they have consistently shown a strong front, often making glamorous red carpet appearances and supporting each other’s endeavors.