All the ‘Supernatural’ Cast Members Who Show Up in ‘The Boys’

Eric Kripke is on a roll, transforming The Boys into a veritable reunion for fans of Supernatural. From Jim Beaver, who seamlessly carries over his character name Robert Singer, to Jensen Ackles’ portrayal of the fan-favorite Soldier Boy, it’s a Supernatural lovefest that keeps growing. And as a Winchester aficionado, I’m all in. With Kripke announcing that The Boys will conclude with Season 5, I’m hoping he ropes in a few more Supernatural alums like Jared Padalecki or Misha Collins.

Until that wish list is fulfilled, let’s dive into every Supernatural cast member who has already joined The Boys.

Jim Beaver – Bobby Singer / Robert Singer

Jim Beaver’s character in The Boys, U.S. Secretary of Defense and Presidential Candidate Robert A. Singer, is a goldmine for Supernatural fans. The name itself is a nod to Beaver’s Supernatural character, Bobby Singer, named after producer Robert Singer. On Supernatural, Bobby is a hunter and surrogate father to Sam and Dean, living in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. In a fun twist, The Boys marketing even created a fake campaign website for Singer’s Presidential run, revealing that Robert A. Singer is also a South Dakota native, nicknamed Dakota Bob.

Jensen Ackles – Dean Winchester / Soldier Boy

The internet nearly exploded when Jensen Ackles debuted as Soldier Boy in The Boys Season 3. His arrival, not to mention his showdown with Homelander, was legendary. Fans loved the twisted homage to Captain America. There are Supernatural Easter eggs galore, including a shot of the Winchesters’ ’67 Chevy Impala running over Stormfront in Season 2. By the end of Season 3, Soldier Boy was put back in a box, but rumors at conventions suggest Ackles might return. Until then, we can just keep singing “Rapture” by Blondie and hope.

Gattlin Griffith – Antichrist / Young Gunpowder

In The Boys Season 3 flashback, Gattlin Griffith plays young Gunpowder, Soldier Boy’s sidekick. But fans might remember him as the young boy discovered to be the Antichrist in Supernatural.

Nathan Mitchell – Kelvin the Angel / Black Noir

Nathan Mitchell played the elusive Black Noir on The Boys, but in Supernatural, he was all about the bright lights as the angel Kelvin, teaming up with Castiel in Season 12.

Christian Keyes – Archangel Michael / Nathan Franklin

Christian Keyes, who portrays A-Train’s older brother and coach Nathan Franklin in The Boys, appeared on Supernatural as an alternate universe version of the archangel Michael, who was eventually killed by Lucifer’s son, Jack Kline. Jack, played by Alexander Calvert, now stars in Gen V, a spinoff of The Boys.

Adrian Holmes – Demon; James Moseley / Dr. Park

Adrian Holmes had dual roles in Supernatural: a demon in Season 3 and James Moseley, son of psychic Missouri Moseley. In The Boys, he plays Dr. Park, a Vought scientist overseeing the secret facility where Butcher’s wife Becca lived.

Alvina August – Tasha Banes (witch) / Monique Milk (season 1)

Alvina August appeared as MM’s ex-wife, Monique Milk, in The Boys Season 1 before being recast in Season 3. She also played Tasha Banes, a powerful witch in Supernatural.

Lesley Nicol – Katja the Witch / Connie Butcher

Lesley Nicol, who plays Billy Butcher’s mother Connie in The Boys, appeared in Supernatural as Katja, an evil witch from the Hansel & Gretel story.

Kai Bradbury – Clerk / Young Kenji

Kai Bradbury, who played young Kenji, Kimiko’s brother on The Boys, had a minor role as a clerk in Supernatural Season 13.

Isaiah Adam – Forensic Technician / Lance Corporal Dan Miller

Isaiah Adam had minor roles in both shows. In Supernatural, he was a forensic technician in Season 7. On The Boys, he played Lance Corporal Dan Miller, an actor in a Vought commercial.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan – John Winchester / Joe Kessler (Season 4)

Jeffrey Dean Morgan, known for playing John Winchester in Supernatural, will join The Boys Season 4 as Joe Kessler. Not much is known about his character yet, but it’s bound to be exciting.

Rob Benedict – Chuck Shurley and God / Splinter (Season 4)

Rob Benedict, who played Chuck Shurley/God in Supernatural, will appear in The Boys Season 4 as a supe named Splinter, potentially with powers like splitting himself up multiple times or super strength.

Additional Gen V Crossovers

Gen V, the spinoff of The Boys, also features Supernatural alumni. Maddie Phillips, who played Harper Sayles in Supernatural, is Cate Dunlap on Gen V. Alexander Calvert, who played Jack Kline in Supernatural, stars as Rufus on Gen V.

With all these crossovers, The Boys is shaping up to be a delightful treat for Supernatural fans. Here’s hoping for even more familiar faces as the series continues!