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Adele just confirmed her marital status with Rich Paul in Vegas? Find out

Adele jokingly referred to Rich Paul as her ‘husband’ during a Las Vegas performance, fuelling marriage rumours. Adele commended the couple’s comfort and humour when they went public in 2021. She was previously married to Simon Konecki and had a brief relationship with Skepta.

Adele has made news yet again, this time for rumours about her marital status during a recent Las Vegas show. The Grammy-winning singer, who revealed her relationship with Rich Paul in 2021, referred to him as her “husband” during one of her Weekends With Adele performances.

The unexpected happened during Adele’s performance, when a female admirer proposed to her. Adele reacted with a witty retort, “You can’t marry me. I’m straight, my love, and my husband’s here tonight.” When the fan persisted, Adele jokingly replied, “No, I don’t want to try. I’m with Rich. You’re crazy, leave me alone.” This playful exchange sent waves of excitement through her audience.

Adele and Rich Paul’s relationship became public after they were sighted together at a game between the Phoenix Suns and the Milwaukee Bucks in the NBA Finals. Adele claimed in a following Vogue interview that they had been friends for some years but did not begin a sexual connection until early 2021.

She recalled their first meeting as a couple of years ago at a party, where she playfully requested him to sign her because she considered herself an athlete at the time. She also commended his sense of humour and the comfort she feels in his company, saying she doesn’t feel anxious or tired while she’s with him.

Adele was previously married to Simon Konecki, with whom she has a kid named Angelo, whom she had before her relationship with Rich Paul. Although they formally married in 2018, Adele stated that they divorced shortly after. She kept the separation hidden for a while before it became public. Adele officially filed for divorce from Simon in 2019.

Adele made news in 2020 after it was revealed that she had been dating British rapper Skepta for several months. On Instagram, she confirmed her dating status, referring to herself as single. Adele later told Vogue that she had dated other people before starting her relationship with Rich Paul, and that many of the stories about her relationships in the media were contrived and untrue.