Exclusive: SS Rajamouli eyes Aamir Khan for next project alongside Mahesh Babu

In a potential game-changing move that could bridge Bollywood with Tollywood, renowned filmmaker SS Rajamouli is reportedly in talks with none other than superstar Aamir Khan for a pivotal role in his upcoming project. This ambitious endeavor, which already boasts the presence of Telugu cinema’s own Mahesh Babu, signals a monumental collaboration that has set tongues wagging across the Indian film industry.

Rajamouli, widely acclaimed for his magnum opus “Baahubali” series, is known for his visionary storytelling and unparalleled cinematic grandeur. With his next project, he aims to push the boundaries even further by exploring the synergy between Bollywood and Tollywood, potentially creating a cinematic spectacle of unprecedented proportions.


Sources close to the project reveal that Rajamouli has personally reached out to Aamir Khan, recognizing the actor’s immense talent and global appeal. While details about the role remain under wraps, speculations are rife that Khan’s inclusion could elevate the project to new heights, adding a layer of intrigue and star power that transcends regional boundaries.

The prospect of Aamir Khan sharing screen space with Mahesh Babu has sparked excitement among fans, who eagerly anticipate witnessing these two powerhouse performers join forces on the silver screen. Rajamouli’s ability to weave compelling narratives, coupled with the star power of Khan and Babu, sets the stage for an epic cinematic experience that promises to captivate audiences across the globe.

While negotiations are still ongoing, insiders suggest that Rajamouli is leaving no stone unturned to secure Khan’s participation in the project.

Earlier, during his trip to Japan, the RRR director revealed details about his upcoming project, which features Mahesh Babu as the protagonist. In a video shared by a fan page on X (formerly Twitter), SS Rajamouli can be heard saying, “We started my next film. We completed the writing. We are in the pre-production process. We are doing all the pre-visualisation for the film. But we haven’t finished the casting yet. Only the main hero, the protagonist of the film is locked. His name is Mahesh Babu. He is a Telugu actor.”  The mention of Mahesh Babu’s name prompted cheers from the crowd, with Rajamouli adding, “Looks like many of you already know him. He is very handsome and hopefully, we get to finish the film a little bit fast. During the release, I will bring him here. And I will introduce him to you and sure you will love him as well”. The film will mark the debut collaboration between Mahesh Babu and SS Rajamouli.