WATCH: Katrina Kaif pulls back husband Vicky Kaushal as she reacts to a fan recording her; Netizens are not happy

Katrina Kaif and Vicky Kaushal are allegedly expecting their first child in London this year.

Actors Katrina Kaif and Vicky Kaushal have been quietly vacationing in London for several months, amid reports that they are expecting their first child.

While they have kept a low profile in the English city, a fan was able to locate them and even covertly take a video, but it appears that Katrina did not appreciate it.


The footage of the incident, which shows Katrina and Vicky holding hands while crossing a street in London, has gone viral.

When the actress spotted the person filming their video, she asked Vicky to stop and pulled him back.

As the video abruptly ended, Katrina seemed miffed as she looked straight at the person secretly recording them.

Katrina and Vicky spotted in London
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The video sparked outrage among netizens, who slammed the person who recorded the video for invading the couple’s privacy. “People need to stop filming others sneakily,” a user commented, while another wrote, “Such creepy behaviour!! Whoever filmed them I hope your karma bites you back.”

They also pointed out that Katrina looked unhappy about the incident. “She looks mad at the camera person for taking a video,” a user noted.

A few days ago, another video of the couple from London went viral, showing Vicky hugging Katrina close as they strolled down a pavement. The actress was seen wearing an enormous jacket in the video, and netizens believed that she was expecting her first kid.

According to certain media sources, Katrina is pregnant and intends to give birth in London to avoid the spotlight.