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The 5 most memorable roles of Aamir Khan’s Career

Aamir Khan has so far worked on roughly 40 films. Almost every film has served as an example of great cinema. However, Aamir’s efforts propelled a small number of people into higher classification. He undergoes such drastic change that the actor appears to be the character, complete with all of its peculiarities.

Let us recall the 5 most memorable characters played by Aamir Khan:

1. Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak

Aamir shown his versatility in his very first movie. He had electrifying good looks, was a skilled dancer, and could hold his own in dramatic and tragic situations. He and Juhi Chawla had wonderful sexual chemistry. The audience is still enthused by the song Papa Kehte Hai. A lengthy and successful career began with that moment.

2.Raja Hindustani

Unremarkable mountain man with an odd sense of style and a very bizarre demeanour. Raja Hindustani, played by Aamir, wasn’t your typical 1990s dashing hero. He was empathetic, erratic, but also endearing and engaging. One of his most iconic love interests.


Maybe Aamir’s polished persona prevented him from ever being chosen for a rustic role. But the talented actor brilliantly captured the genuine gestures and characteristics of Bhuvan. Aamir’s attempts to bring Bhuvan’s trip to life in such a grandiose setting were very fascinating.

4. 3 Idiots

To depict a 19-year-old college student successfully at 44 is still a point of contention six years later. Aamir will be remembered as a brilliant actor precisely for this reason. 3 Idiots would have impressed despite its outstanding material, but thanks to the efforts of the lead actor, it went even further.


It might seem easy to play an eccentric alien with beady green eyes and a Charlie Chaplin-esque gait. However, it must be very painful to have those eyes open wide all the time in PK. The clever movement and humorous Bhojpuri accents were excellent.