Shah Rukh Khan’s son Aryan Khan’s Bail Statement: I am from a respectable family and will not abscond

Aryan Khan in his bail plea to Court: I am from a respectable family & will not abscond.

Shah Rukh Khan’s son Aryan Khan’s arrest in the druge case was a major stunner for everybody. The star kid has still been in judicial custody and is attempting to get bail. As the case was being heard in the Mumbai court, Aryan, through his attorney Satish Maneshinde, let the court know that he hails from a well respected family and has no prior antecedents.

He additionally expressed that his family is here he will not abscond. “I am 23-year old with no antecedents. I happen to be from Bollywood. When I reached there they searched me and nothing was found. They went through my mobile and they downloaded all the data. Mobile has been sent for forensic examination. From the first day till today nothing has emerged. Contact with Archit was revealed on first day and they took their own time. Their contention is I am required for confrontation. That has been rejected by the Supreme Court. Top Court says interrogation, investigation, confrontation can take place when someone is released on bail,” Aryan Khan’s lawyer Satish said as reported by NDTV.

“Nothing much has emerged in the five days and that is because there is nothing. I am from a respectable family and I am not likely to abscond. I am based in Mumbai. Accused who they say is connected to me is already in their custody,” he added. According to Livelaw, “Search and seizure can not be cited just to lock me up in the jail. The normal tendency of the court is to grant bail. There is an accusation, there is no material. I was abroad when those chats happen,” Satish said.

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