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Priyanka Singh: Director Dhiraj Kumar is my pioneer

Recently Actress Priyanka Singh said for her Director Dhiraj Kumar is her pioneer in real life


Actress Priyanka Singh has come a long way. From her debut film Kashi-In Search of Ganga to her upcoming film Suswagatam Khushamadeed. She gives her credits to the director of both of the films, Dhiraj Kumar as a pioneer.

Priyanka is currently completing the shooting of her upcoming Bollywood film. Which stars Actor Pulkit Samrat along with Actress Katrina Kaif’s sister Isabelle Kaif. Priyanka has also shared her experience of working with director Dhiraj Kumar.

She also says, “Dhiraj Kumar sir is inspiring. I learned from him that when we reach heights in life. We should not make any changes in our nature, we should always remain humble. Dhiraj sir always gives a lot of love, respect, and affection to everyone on the set.


He does not discriminate, from spot boys to DOP to the actor. He values everyone equally and the work turns very easy with so much love.

She further adds, “Besides, in my lifetime I have never seen a more confident, loving person than him. People are aware that Dheeraj sir is suffering from polio since childhood. Because of which his walking movement is restricted. Yet, his work and their methodology, working style, it never seem that they are struggling. With such big problems in their personal life. He is a pioneer.”

Sharing an incident from the sets about the director of her movie she says, “We were shooting in Agra. Every day we used to get the script for the next day as soon as the shooting was over. The same thing happened that the next day when we were shooting with Pulkit Samrat and Isabelle Kaif.


So, I got the script for the next day in the evening. But, as soon as we reached the set the next day, we came to know that the script which was received yesterday had changed. And, the script which was received yesterday will not be shot on that day and some different scenes will be shot instead.

“I was very scared because I was not mentally prepared. And, I was not sure how I would be able to shoot a scene that I had not prepared for. I went to the director Dhiraj sir and I told him that I was very scared. And, that I could not understand how I will be able to shoot the scene.”

On his part, sir said, ‘trust yourself, this scene is going to be a very good shoot’. Then he made things so smooth and easy that I didn’t even know that the scene which I had not prepared for could turn out so well.”