I want to see myself playing different avatars: Amit Sial on rejecting repetitive roles

Mirzapur and Jamtara actor, Amit Sial in a recent interview revealed his desire of playing the lead. According to him, playing the lead helps the actors to explore more areas.

If one would have watched Amazon Prime’s Mirzapur and Netflix’s Jamtara, one common face between both of them was Amit Sial. He played the role of SHO in Mirzapur who gets assassinated by Kaleen Bhaiya aka Pankaj Tripathi. Whereas he played the character of  Brajesh Bhaan, a corrupt politician. But recently he was seen in the main role of  DCP Samarth Kaushikin in SonyLiv’s Kathamandu Connection. Currently, the actor is in Lucknow where he is shooting for the second season of Jamtara. During the shoot, while interacting with the paparazzi he talked about his desire of playing more lead characters in upcoming projects.

His words were, “When the audience gives so much love then it becomes my responsibility to politely deny repetitive work. I am point-blank denying bahubali and cop-based subjects. I want to see myself playing different avatars. As an actor, you want to be multi-dimensional and that you get to portray when you play a lead role. It’s not about money and screen-time but about the graph of the character that you are portraying. I want to explore that in me! It does not mean I only want to play lead roles but those that enrich my soul, even if small, I will surely do. So, it’s a very interesting bouquet of roles that I am getting to play. I want to be flexible like a coconut tree which can bend according to the situation.”

Amit Sial is one of the actors that saw the limelight due to OTT platforms. He has also featured in films like Raid, Saheb, Biwi Aur Gangster, and Guddu Rangeela.

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