Heeramandi star Taha Shah Badussha opens up about being scammed says, ‘I paid Rs 10,000 for auditions, and then…’ 

Taha Shah Badussha, who stars in Heeramandi, talks about his early struggles, claiming that he was duped during his auditions.

Taha Shah became the new man crush after delivering an outstanding performance in Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Heeramandi. Taha plays the ideal lover boy character in the web series Tajdar Baloch, and he is every bit as charming in the film.

Taha has come a long way in his career; yet, finding work was not easy for the star, who encountered numerous hurdles as any outsider would. However, Taha was scammed in his early days.


Taha told Instant Bollywood that he used to travel across the city for auditions. Things weren’t simple for him; he once got a role in a Hollywood film but didn’t accept it because he was required to sign a four-year contract and his father refused him to do so. This was before he joined YRF, says the actor.

Taha recalled how he used to go for auditions, saying that he used to Google auditions in Mumbai and travel to places, adding that there was a point when he paid for some auditions. “I used to pay 4000, 10000 for the auditions, and then the offices disappeared.” Casting directors have been vocal about the scams that have been going on, urging performers to be careful of them.

Taha Shah made his Bollywood debut with Shraddha Kapoor in Luv Ka The End, but the actor did not achieve success for 13 years, and it is now his moment to shine.

Taha’s performance as Tajdar has not only made Indian fans weak at the knees but even Pakistani followers, with one actress, Yashma Gill from Pakistan, sharing her fan moment on Instagram and responding to her message on Instagram; however, this crossover has sparked a lot of criticism for the actress.