Aditya Roy Kapur reveals that he was caught making out and urinating in public

After coming out as decent and gentleman-like with explanation for dating Ranveer Singh’s ex, Aditya revealed his most embarrassing public moments


During an interview, Aditya Roy Kapur clarified his relationship with Ranveer Singh‘s ex back from college days, coming off as decent. But soon after, he revealed about some embarrassing moments in life which made fans think twice about his decency. Recently, he had a candid interview with Neha Dhupia on her chat show, #NoFliterWithNeha, and opened up about some intimidating and embarrassing moments in his life.

Shortly after clearing things up between him and Ranveer, proving himself to be a decent guy, Neha and Aditya played a game of Would You Rather which revealed some of his most embarrassing moments. She asked him if he would rather get caught making out in or urinating in public. Well, that froze Aditya for a few seconds because apparently, he’s already been caught doing both. “Both have happened in life,” he said before bursting into a laughing fit. “In public will just be wrong for me to choose. It’s just a wrong message to give out. So, I would take a hit of being caught for making out in public,” he added. Well, at least he regrets it.

A few minutes before, Aditya clarified his relationship with Ranveer Singh’s ex. Apparently, Ranveer accused him of stealing his girlfriend, calling him an arrogant flirt. Though Aditya said it wasn’t the case at all. Instead, he dated her 8 months after her break up with Ranveer. “And only around eight months after that, did I start seeing her,” he said.

Besides the embarrassing public moments and college romance, Aditya also revealed how awkward he finds auditions. Here’s Aditya Roy Kapur: “I think every audition has been nerve-racking. I have never really loved (auditions). It’s something you have to do but it’s always been really uncomfortable. Because, you have to create this reality looking at an imaginary girl and wink at an imaginary person or whatever, So, it’s all really weird.”

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