World cinema film researcher Mainak Misra directs short-film ‘Days of Marigolds’

Tackling the subject of longing, memories, cycle of life, reflections, dreams, hope and nostalgia, world cinema film researcher Mainak Misra has written, directed and produced his first short-film Days of Marigolds.

With a unique subject, Days of Marigolds is a silent film with no dialogues. Talking about the film’s emotional quotient, filmmaker Mainak Misra says, “Sometimes we can never forget certain moments spent with our nearest and dearest ones. The story of this short delves upon one such tender moment in the life of the protagonist and how he clings on to it as his most cherished and missed memory.”


The film revolves around a story of two brothers in rural India. As the elder brother leaves the village, the younger brother keeps returning to the place they parted at. Each return marks a passage of his life cycle from childhood to adolescence, early adulthood, late adulthood, and eventually old age. Life goes on.

Shot at the banks of Pochampally village lake, about 30 km away from Hyderabad, Telangana, all the actors in the film are commoners without any previous experience in acting.

Another unique aspect of the film is that it is made in a silhouette-like sepia tone and has an endearing slow-moving village life feel to it. To aid this, the maker effectively uses sentimental instrumental music to enhance its appeal.