Tell Me Lies Season 2: Everything you need know

Tell Me Lies’ first season highlighted the ups and downs of toxic relationships, and its second will undoubtedly delve more deeply into how those relationships change over time.

In the film Tell Me Lies, Stephen (Jackson White), an arrogant upperclassman, and Lucy (Grace Van Patten), a recently single college freshman, are followed as they deal with the ups and downs of their toxic relationship. Four years after Lucy’s graduation, the musical opens at a wedding before flashing back eight years to the first semester of her freshman year of college.

The death of Macy (Lily McInerny), Lucy’s roommate, at the start of the school’s welcome week serves as the impetus for how the characters’ stories converge as the programme goes on. Tell Me Lies, however, does not focus on Macy’s passing. Instead, key narrative lines that move the tale forward and cause quite a commotion as the season comes to a close include individuals in Lucy’s newly established circle of friends and their responses to Macy’s death.


When will the second season of Tell Me Lies debut?

Tell Me Lies season 2 has been announced by Hulu, although they have not provided any information regarding when it will be available for viewing. Alas. Here is Hulu’s official Instagram post announcing the renewal in case you can find any incredibly obscure hints about when season 2 will premiere.

Season 1 of the series was approved by Hulu in August 2021, and it debuted a little over a year later. If the timing holds true, season 2 of the series will likely launch in the early 2024 timeframe.

What happens in Season 2 of Tell Me Lies?

Meaghan Oppenheimer, the show’s creator, and executive producer, said of the first season of Tell Me Lies that it was “an investigation of toxic relationships and the ways we weaken ourselves when we fall for the wrong people.”

In an email response to Cosmo before to season 1, she noted, “When Lucy meets Stephen she sees all the warning signals, but she ignores them—and it starts her down a course that completely derails her.” Since season 1 ended with [vague spoilers coming] Stephen abandoning Lucy, Oppenheimer has made hints that Lucy might start dressing for retaliation in season 2.

“I think there will be some revenge plots in Season 2,” she told TVLine after the season 1 finale. “I don’t think that she can tell people about him being in the car because he made it so clear to her that if she were to tell that, she also has to admit all these other things, and I don’t think she’s at a place where she’s willing to risk that social annihilation and admit how badly she behaved, especially now that she’s seen that it wasn’t even worth it. Like, ‘I did all these things. I covered up for this guy. I lied and I hurt other people for someone who just walked out of a party with his ex-girlfriend.’ It’s almost too humiliating for her, and she’s too guilty herself.”