Tata Technologies aims to foster gender diversity by hiring 1,000 women engineers

Engineering and product development firm launches a gender diversity-focused hiring campaign to encourage women to join and empower a better world

Tata Technologies Ltd., a global engineering and product development digital services company, has unveiled its ambitious plan to hire over 1,000 women engineers in the fiscal year 2023-24. The initiative is part of Tata Technologies’ commitment to promoting gender diversity and inclusivity within its workforce, the company announced.

In a statement, Tata Technologies highlighted its gender diversity-focused hiring campaign, inviting women to join the organization in engineering a better world. The company’s ‘RAINBOW’ program, designed to enhance gender diversity, emphasizes the recruitment and support of women engineers by providing them with tailored interventions and frameworks for success.


Through targeted efforts to attract and onboard a diverse talent pool, Tata Technologies aims to strengthen its gender diversity ratio. The company has identified specific opportunities for women engineers and is dedicated to hiring over 1,000 talented professionals in the upcoming fiscal year.

To facilitate career growth and leadership development, Tata Technologies will implement the LeaderBridge-WINGS program. This six-month developmental intervention is designed to nurture women employees, enhance their leadership potential, and enable them to excel in their careers.

Additionally, Tata Technologies is actively creating platforms for employee participation and dialogue to dismantle biases and foster a culture of inclusivity from the ground up. The company recognizes the importance of an enabling environment and is investing in infrastructure and initiatives that foster a diverse and supportive workforce.

This latest initiative aligns with Tata Technologies’ previous commitment made in February last year, where the company pledged to hire at least 1,000 more individuals than its planned recruitment of over 3,000 innovators in FY2023. As the company’s business growth continues to accelerate, it recognizes the significance of a diverse workforce in meeting the evolving needs of its customers.

By championing gender diversity, Tata Technologies aims to set a benchmark in the industry and promote inclusivity as a driver of innovation and success. Through its concerted efforts to attract and empower women engineers, the company strives to create a more equitable and prosperous future, both within its organization and the broader engineering and technology sectors.

Tata Technologies’ gender diversity-focused hiring campaign represents a significant step forward in building a workforce that reflects the diverse talent and perspectives necessary to drive innovation and engineering excellence.