Alkem Laboratories denies tax evasion reports

Alkem Laboratories Limited has firmly refuted allegations of tax evasion circulating in recent articles. The company denied these claims, asserting that the information presented is inaccurate. Additionally, Alkem Laboratories clarified that it possesses no knowledge of any information that could affect its equity shares’ trading.

In a statement, the company underscored its dedication to adherence to regulations and transparency. It highlighted its full cooperation with the Income Tax Department during survey proceedings conducted in September 2023.


Last year, in September, the Income Tax Department initiated surveys at Alkem Laboratories’ premises following intelligence reports suggesting potential tax evasion. Subsequent investigations involved the collection of statements from relevant personnel and scrutiny of financial data and balance sheets by the tax authorities over subsequent months.

Alkem Laboratories confirmed that it has responded to inquiries from the Income Tax Department regarding these matters.