Ukraine will not surrender; Putin signals his troops to be nuclear ready from Belarus

Ukraine has not agreed to any dialogue with Russia and stated it would not surrender. Ukraine forces have been successful at resisting the Russian troops for 4 days now. Putin has ordered his troops to be nuclear-ready.

The war between Russia and Ukraine has claimed several lives including women and children. It has displaced several Ukrainians to flee to the west adding the number of displaced families to over 7 million.

Russia has been given the official tag of an international outcast as its troops barge into the streets of Ukraine. Severe and unimaginable sanctions have been levied on Moscow and furthermore are being discussed at the urgent General Assembly of the UN Security Council in New York today.


Russian airplanes have been banned, its bonds and securities cant be sold or bought in the financial markets globally.

Ukraine agreed to confront the Russian delegation yesterday only on the pretext of no pre-conditions laid by Russia. However, Ukraine refused to surrender as the Russian troops take the position from Belarus for a nuclear offensive.

Dmytro Kuleba, Foreign Minister of Ukraine stated that Ukraine will not surrender to Russia and will not give an inch of their territory. This statement comes ahead of the official public meet-up between the 2 countries.

Zelenskyy is still clueless about how the meet-up will move ahead, he believes this meet-up might not have any fruitful outcome. Yet hopes for some positive direction.