Top diplomats from the US and China scheduled to meet in Rome today

Russia has asked China to send military support and equipment to strengthen its offensive campaign against Ukraine.


Diplomats from the US’s Biden Administration and China’s Xi Jinping administration are going to meet in Rome today amidst escalating tensions (over the Russo-Ukraine war) between the two sovereigns.

Russia has asked China to send military support and equipment to strengthen its offensive campaign against Ukraine. China has accepted the request and promised to help Russia and affirms this friendship is beyond “any limits”.

Jake Sullivan, White House national security advisor stated, “We are warning China to not help Russia in any situation and that if China does help, severe sanctions will be levied on it globally just like Russia met its fate of the crippling economy. We will not tolerate and not allow this support to go forward.”

Chinese media has spread false news about Biolabs being operated in Ukraine with the support of the US government. Escalating Russian troops to unleash chemical weapons attack against Ukraine.

With the Russian invasion of Ukraine, China is now in a sticky situation with its largest trading partners the US and The European Union. China can not put these markets in jeopardy however it has shown support to Putin openly stating its alliance with Russia is that of “no limits.”

Sullivan in his verbal encounter with Yang Jiechi, China’s foreign policy advisor, will be looking at restricting Beijing from extending any kind of support towards Moscow.

Sullivan passionately stated, “We will not comfortably sit here and let China support Moscow, we have communicated directly and internally to China that there will be serious consequences should they choose to support Putin in this inhuman blasphemous act against Ukraine. Just because Russia is sanctioned doesn’t mean that others will help it with its economic losses. No one from anywhere across the world is allowed to hold out a rope of lifeline to Russia to face its economic sanctions.”

Zhao Lijian, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson diplomatically commented in a post on the Ministry’s website late Sunday, “This meeting is a very important one and we meet to discuss the milestones decided in the last year’s virtual summit between Chinese and the US officials in November. The diplomats who will meet in Rome will discuss China-US alliance and discuss international and regional issues which are of common concern.”

A US official (name withheld with request) first mentioned this to the Washington Post and Financial Times that very recently Putin has asked Xi Jinping’s support which included military troops and equipment to help in its ongoing war with Ukraine. However, not so many details were furnished.

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