Timeline of Russia-Ukraine War

What lead to the brutal attack against Ukraine by Russia? Why did Russia want Ukraine out of NATO? Read along to understand the Russia-Ukraine war timeline till date.


Ukraine Russia crisis: What happened and why did this war break out

The US reported on 10th November 2021, that Russian troops have amassed near the borders of Ukraine. Exactly 18 days later on 28th November Ukraine reports citing close to 92,000 Russian troops near its borders.

Is the war new?

Although the world is in shock of Russia’s brutal invasion and using nuclear weaponry on Ukrainians. This war is not new Russo-Ukraine issues date back to 1991 when the Soviet Union fell. Ukraine lost its strategic port to Russia in 2014 when Putin annexed Crimea. For 8 years now both were at each other’s necks when Russian-backed separatist groups started the civilian war in the Donbas region leaving close to 14000 people dead. It’s the most brutal violation of human rights on both sides.

Ukraine was warned

Putin has been constantly warning Ukraine not to take up NATO membership as it would remove its buffer between Russia and the whole of Europe.

Frank Fact

Bare truth and analysis point that Russia wanted to forcefully bring Ukraine under its administration like a puppet just like Belarus is currently serving Russia. Putin Used Belarus’ land as the foundation to place his military personnel and attack Ukraine from the north.


Let’s look at major events and dates that lead up to the Russian Invasion of Ukraine:


•7th December 2021: Biden warns Putin of severe economic sanctions if it annexes Ukraine.

•17th December 2021: Putin proposes that NATO doesn’t pursue anything in eastern Europe, especially Ukraine. And he warns Ukraine of an imminent attack should it choose to join NATO. NATO outrightly rejected Putin’s concerns.

•19th January 2022: Biden administration pays $200 million to Ukraine for security aid.

•24th January 2022: NATO orders its troops to be on standby.

•25th January 2022: Russian special military exercises involve 6,000 troops, 60 jets in Russia close to Ukraine and Crimea borders.

•10th February 2022: Russia says it has begun regular military exercises in Belarus and it will continue for 10 days

•17th February 2022: Shocking events of clashes between Russian-backed separatist groups and Ukraine supporters begin in the separatist regions of Donetsk and Luhansk. Claiming more than 14000 lives (reported casualties).

•21st February 2022: Putin declares the separatist regions of Donetsk and Luhansk as independent states, these regions are located in eastern Ukraine. As soon as he declared them independent NATO allies slapped the first phase of sanctions on Russia the very next day.

•22nd February 2022: Anthony Blinken cancels his meeting with Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov as Putin sends his military troops to the separatist regions for peacekeeping. US freezes bank accounts of Russian oligarchs and senior officials, blocks Russian bonds to be sold in the US capital markets, and seizes properties owned by wealthy Russians and Oligarchs. Germany abandons Russian owned gas pipeline Nord Stream 2 project.

•23rd February 2022: European Union follows the US’ directorate and freezes the account of 351 members from the Lower house State Duma of the Russian Federation Assembly.

•24th February 2022: Putin started with a lie. Early hours of Moscow 6.00 am (UTC +3) Putin announces that a special military exercise will commence in the separatist region of Donetsk and Luhansk; he claimed that he supports Ukraine’s right to self-determination and does not have any plans to invade Ukraine.

To Putin’s announcement, the Ukrainian President reacted on Twitter tweeting that he and his nation were not afraid of Putin.

Minutes after he declared this Ukrainians reported bombings in the city center of Kyiv, Donbas, Odessa, Kharkiv areas. Russian troops entered the regions of Luhansk, Chernihiv, and Kharkiv from eastern Ukraine, and from the sea route, they entered Odessa and Mariupol.

Russian troops reportedly entered from the Russian annexed Crimea (south of Ukraine) launching missiles and ballistic missiles at airfields, military headquarters, and bases.

The Centre for Naval Analyses (Virginia) and the Centre for Strategic and International Studies said that the Russian forces would choose the ‘Pincer Movement’ to encircle the forces of Ukraine from Belarus (North of Ukraine), Crimea (South of Ukraine), and Donbas region. Within 96 hours Kyiv was taken down.

The same day Zelenskyy announced ‘Martial Law’ across Ukraine and said that Putin has betrayed the UN charter and the founding principles of the European Union. Thousands of people lost their lives with the initial hit by Russian troops.

Biden’s administration slapped the severest sanctions on Russia, US allies did the same. As a result, Russia’s value in the stock market hit a 45% low.

Zelenskyy and his officials continued posting the war updates on Twitter.

•25th February 2022 – UN Security Council calls for a rare emergency meet

A rare emergency meeting was called upon by the UN Security Council in lieu of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

This meeting is called upon in case of emergencies when the Security Council is unable to bring about international peace and stability due to a lack of unanimity between the 5 permanent members.

Russia voted against the Resolution and China along with India and the United Arab Emirates stood neutral which sparked heavy criticism from US lawmakers.

 •26th February 2022 – “I need ammunition not a ride”, Zelenskyy 

Zelenskyy declared curfew in Kyiv from evening 8 am to morning 5 am and warned Ukrainians if they were to be found during the curfew times they will be considered as pro-Russian supporters and be gunned down.

Close to 100,000 Ukrainians fled to Poland escaping the war.

It was on this day that the US had offered to safely evacuate Zelenskyy and his family. Zelenskyy responded that he “wanted ammunition, not a ride”

• 27th February 2022 – Ukraine forces bring down 4,500 Russian troops

As Russian troops enter Ukraine’s capital Kyiv, they face strong opposition from the Ukrainian forces. Casualties were severe, it was reported that close to 4,500 Russian troops were killed in the combat by the Ukrainian soldiers.

Ukrainian soldiers brought down 150 tanks, 700 armed personnel carriers, 26 helicopters, and 7 fighter jets of Russia.

Simultaneously the European Union bans Russian flights from entering their airspace and all Russian media channels to air in the EU stopping any finance and funding that comes from these avenues. EU also abandoned all business deals with Russia. EU banned from using its SWIFT transactions

• 28th February 2022 – Zelenskyy agrees to meet at the Belarus border “without any pre-conditions”

Russia agrees to meet Ukrainian officials at the Belarus border for a ceasefire however Zelenskyy stated that he would only meet on the pretext of no preconditions. The meeting was scheduled but called off 5 hours later and no agreement transpired between Russia and Ukraine.

• 1st March 2022 – Russian troops take down Kyiv TV tower; Zelenskyy urged EU to make Ukraine its member

Russian troops ruthlessly continue their offensive on both land and air. On this day they take down the Kyiv TV Tower which is the most crucial communications network.

Babi Yar Holocaust Memorial Centre was also hit. Calling heavy criticism from the Jewish groups and world institutions.

Zelenskyy’s request to the US was denied, he requested the US to confer a no-fly zone over Ukraine by Russia. The US did not want to sever its ties with Russia by doing so.

The UK bans Russian ships, cargo ships from docking at their ports or internal waters. Urges all global leaders to follow the same.

• 2nd March 2022 – India abstained from voting against Russia at the UN General Assembly

An inoperative resolution was passed by the UN General Assembly, which condemned Russia for brutally invading Ukraine. Only 141 of 193 voted against Russia. 35 nations that maintained neutrality included China, India, and United Arab Emirates.

Close to 800,000 Ukrainians had fled from Ukraine and the United States brings down the Oligarchs in an operation ‘KleptoCapture’.

• 3rd March 2022 – Russia takes over the nuclear waste defunct power plant near Chernobyl

Russian troops missile projectile hits a building close to the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant. This raised serious concerns in the international community, had the target hit the nuclear plant the disaster would be 10 times larger than the Chernobyl disaster.

The Zaporizhzhia is under Russian control, however, Ukrainians are still working there taking Russian Military’s orders. Close 1 million Ukrainians were displaced and Russian troops launched 450 missile strikes till now on civilians and government complexes.

Ukraine and Russia did not have a ceasefire agreement however Russia promised to let civilians flee from the war-torn areas of Ukraine to safety.

Canada and the EU announced special access to their respective countries and new visa for family unification programs were established.

The US and its allies slapped financial and economic sanctions against Russia, Russia was barred from any SWIFT transactions in global money markets.

• 4th March 2022 – United Nations secures nuclear sites in Ukraine

UN offers to help Ukraine secure its nuclear power sites including the Chernobyl site. Mariupol, the black sea port region reports it has entered 3rd day of no water and electricity to aid heating.

NATO prepares for the 3rd round of stability and peace talks as it had rejected earlier Zelenskyy’s plea for a no-fly zone. Russian authorities ban the channels like BBC, Free Radio Europe, Meduza (a Russian channel), for spreading fake news and Russia stated that it would imprison people for 15 years if found to disrupt fake news.

• 5th March 2022 – ‘Russia states the US and Europe no longer dominate the world’

Russia announces that the people of Mariupol can leave the warring zones to safety, but the promise doesn’t last long. 140 km from Kyiv, The city of Chernihiv is bombed to the extent it lit up the sky.

As Russian Troops continue to bomb the city, Putin says the US and Europe are no longer world rulers. PayPal stops its operations in Russia and the retail giant Inditex as well abandon operations in Russia.

• 6th March 2022 – Zelenskyy wanted the US to ban Russia oil imports; the US denied doing so

Evacuation efforts failed in the city of Mariupol. Zelenskyy wanted to discuss financial and security aid for Ukraine with Biden. Zelenskyy request was turned by Biden, he wanted Biden to ban Russian oil imports, Biden said that this move could increase consumer prices.

Putin warned any country entering into an agreement of a no-fly zone will make him unleash nuclear war which could go beyond Ukraine’s borders. As of this day, more than 1.5 million Ukrainians fled the scene of war. Aeroflot halts its international flight operation from Russia to any other country.

• 7th March 2022 – Russo-Ukraine War enters the second week

World war analysts fear if Russia changes its military strategy this war could become more dangerous and could spark out beyond current borders. Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison called upon China to reassure its commitment towards international peace and stability when needed.

Ukrainians continue to flee towards the West via railways, roadways. Indians were rescued via Operation Ganga; 26 flights were deployed to evacuate Indian nationals from Ukraine.

• 8th March 2022 – Biden to ban Russian oil imports; Zelenskyy says the West did not help

As the Russian invasion against Ukraine enters its 13th day, the second week. The price of Crude oil increases by 5% as Biden is set to announce a ban on Russian oil imports. This decision will immediately cripple the Russian economy.

Zelenskyy accuses the United States of not helping it till now with military troops and fighter jets. He said that the lives that Ukraine has lost so far also rests on the West and its allies for not extending timely help.

Close to 15, 500 Indians have been evacuated by the Indian Air Force (IAF) using 75 special civilian Flights. The IAF also brought 35 tons of relief aid to Ukraine. Operation Ganga till now completed 12 missions.

According to the Ministry of Civil Aviation from Bucharest close to 4500 passengers via 21 flights, from Suceava close to 1820 passengers via 9 flights, from Budapest close to 5500 passengers via 28 flights, from Kosice close to 900 passengers via 5 flights, from Rzeszow close to 2404 Indians via 11 flights, from Kyiv close to 242 passengers via 1 flight were evacuated today.