Taliban executes two convicted murderers in Afghanistan stadium

Taliban publicly executes two convicted murderers in an Afghan stadium, continued concerns over justice and human rights under Taliban rule prevail.

In a disturbing display of justice, Taliban authorities carried out public executions of two men convicted of murder in a football stadium in eastern Afghanistan. The executions, which took place in Ghazni city, were witnessed by thousands of spectators.

Supreme Court official Atiqullah Darwish announced the executions after reading aloud death warrants signed by Taliban Supreme Leader Hibatullah Akhundzada. Both men were killed by multiple gunshots to the back.


The victims, identified as Said Jamal and Gul Khan, were found guilty of knife murders in separate incidents in September 2017 and January 2022, respectively. Despite offers for last-minute reprieves and opportunities for the families of the victims to carry out the executions themselves, security forces ultimately carried out the sentences.

The executions mark a grim continuation of the Taliban’s imposition of Islamic law since returning to power in 2021. Under the Taliban’s strict interpretation of sharia, capital punishments such as public executions and corporal punishments are enforced as part of their justice system.

Despite efforts to establish a new judicial system under previous governments, complaints of corruption, bribery, and slow justice delivery persisted. The Taliban’s resurgence has seen a return to harsh punishments reminiscent of their rule from 1996 to 2001, including public executions and floggings for various crimes including theft, adultery, and alcohol consumption.

The executions of Jamal and Khan are the latest in a series of death penalties imposed by the Taliban since their return to power. It underscores the challenges faced by Afghan society under Taliban rule, particularly concerning human rights and justice.

International condemnation of such executions has been widespread, with calls for the Taliban to respect fundamental human rights and adhere to international standards of justice. The executions serve as a reminder of the urgent need for the international community to engage with the Taliban to address concerns regarding human rights and governance in Afghanistan.

As Afghanistan navigates its future under Taliban rule, the spectre of public executions highlights the ongoing struggles for justice and human rights in the war-torn nation.