Russian airplanes banned to fly over European Union and members airspace

By Sunday night European Union and its member allies took a unified decision to ban Russian airplanes and any private jets owned by the Russian oligarchs.

Ursula Leyen, President for European Commission on Sunday stated that the European Union and its member allies will ban all Russian airplanes and private jets owned by the Russian Oligarchs to fly over its airspace.

Omar Alghabra the Canadian transport minister announced the same stating that their airspace will be shut and no longer be of access to Russian airplanes as Putin has exacerbated the situation in Ukraine.


Alexander De Croo, Belgian Prime Minister responded tweeting that European skies welcome for people to connect not for people who brutally invade.

As for Netherland’s Infrastructure and Waterworks minister Mark Harbers, Russian airplanes have no room as it has unleashed unnecessary violence on Ukraine.

An aviation consultant from New York, Robert Mann stated now that European Union and Canada have halted any Russian airplanes to enter their airspace, It has added further pressure on the US to take up swift decisions.

On the other hand couple of European nations are yet to follow the current decision of other global leaders to barr Russian airplanes to enter their airspaces like Spain, Turkey and Greece.

As more and more member allies ban flights to and from Russia, The US embassy in Moscow urged its American citizens to evacuate from Russia taking the next way out.

Russia has halted airplanes coming from the Western bloc and it has also suspended its S7 airplane to fly to Europe.